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Rocketlane can help you with a buyout!

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How does the contract buyout work?


Apply for a buyout

Just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll contact you for a copy of your current contract, a screenshot, or some proof that you’re under an existing contract.


We contact you with a custom proposal

Our team will review your contract, and work with you on the appropriate discounts and terms. We will set up a product demo with your team and take any questions you have!


Enjoy risk-free migration and onboarding

Rocketlane will work with you to migrate existing data, set up your reports and dashboards, integrate with your existing tools and processes, and train your team. We do all the heavy lifting. We've done this many times before - no risk for you.


Go-live with the all-in-one, client-centric PSA!

Offer exceptional service delivery and watch your profits soar! Get all of the benefits with none of the risks!

Why switch to Rocketlane?

Offer your customers exceptional service delivery experiences in Rocketlane, even if you're still under contract. We are confident that we will help you enhance your PS team.

We value building a long term relationship with your company.

Switch Now, Risk-Free


You can also reach out to us through chat, or schedule a 1:1 meeting with our team to learn more about Rocketlane.

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Are Onboarding, Data migration, and Integration free?
What if I have more than 12 months on my existing contract?
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