S02 Ep.07: Brent Claremont on developing customer onboarding career paths

Brent Claremont, Director of Customer Onboarding at Emotive shares his insights on creating an A-Team for customer onboarding functions and how the career trajectory of an onboarding professional looks like.
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In this episode, we have Brent Claremont, Director of Customer Onboarding at Emotive. A seasoned leader with 7 years of experience in Customer Success and another 4+ years of experience in SaaS leadership, he was one of the founding CS members of the Sydney HubSpot office. He later took up the role of an Onboarding Team Manager and helped review global CSAT, launch Service Hub and build a career rotational program at HubSpot HQ. 

As the recipient of the ‘Top Manager’ award in 2020, Brent sticks to hiring for character and training for skill. He is all for having a unique perspective to challenge the status quo and improve current processes. 

In this insight-packed session, Brent gets talking about:

  1. The playbook to create your A team for onboarding functions
  2. Developing an effective career pathing program for onboarding professionals
  3. The career trajectory of a customer onboarding professional
  4. Success stories of onboarding professionals who transitioned into different roles

… and more. Tune in!

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