client onboarding platform for modern teams

With Rocketlane’s client onboarding software you can manage your tasks, projects, and seamlessly collaborate with clients all under a single tool.

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Drive results across your projects and portfolio

Project management

Manage projects and collaborate with a remote workforce

Choose a way that suits you. Manage tasks as Lists, Kanban Boards or Gantt charts


Eliminate inefficiencies, guesswork, and follow-ups

Spend less time on requests and repeat tasks. Save your team 120 hours a month with automations.


Plan your projects consistently with templates

Organize projects into manageable tasks, files, and forms. Define deadline, and visualize your team’s progress. Deliver on time, every time.

Optimise billing

Invoice customers and stay on top of revenue recognition

Simplify billing with configurable revenue recognition and currencies. Reduce revenue leakage and forecast with accuracy.

Analytics and Insights

Gain visibility on performance and make data based decisions

Build custom dashboards on your portfolio, execution, utilization, and much more. Export data using our Open API.

Client Portal

Bring your people, clients and partners under one roof

Bring transparency with a branded portal. Run a modern connected business with chat, notifications and reminders. Gather client feedback with surveys and forms.

Integrate your systems and workflows

Rocketlane seamlessly integrates with your current tech stack, allowing you to streamline project management and delivery from start to finish.
Enterprise grade security for your data
SOC 1 Type II Verified
SOC 2 Type II Verified
GDPR Compliant

What success looks like with Rocketlane

15% reduction in completion timelines

From the very beginning, the team seemed to understand the needs of the CS and Professional Services industry. Rocketlane has helped us reduce time-to-value by at least 15%.

Sabina Pons

Operating Partner, Growth Molecules

70% reduction in customer go-live time

Our customers are more involved than ever. Rocketlane’s customer portal gives them real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding project. They can complete tasks on time because they know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it and also hit us up instantly via built-in chat to communicate more effectively.

Becca Weiss

Sr. Director of CS and Implementations

20% increase in TTV

We see a really massive improvement in the number of accounts an implementation manager handles pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane. In a short space of just two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux

Director - Professional Services,

20% improvement in time-to-value

Rocketlane is our single source of truth, and it helps us track every aspect of our projects efficiently. We’ve eliminated the need for manual audits since the information we get from Rocketlane is very reliable and accurate. We’re very happy to have discovered Rocketlane. As our implementations grow in complexity and as we add more products and verticals, Rocketlane is going to play a crucial role in our growth.

Adrianna Hardin

Director of Professional Services, JIRAV

Move your service delivery into the fast lane

Deliver projects on time and on budget. Collaborate with your team, partners, and customers. Without scope creep, stress, or missed goals.