Emilia D'Anzica
Founder at Growth Molecules

Starting her career in Silicon Valley during the .com boom of 1999, Emilia has developed a passion for software-as-a-service, women in tech, and customer success. After leading teams at global companies including Jobvite, WalkMe, and BrightEdge, she obtained her MBA from Saint Mary's College of California with a focus on Global Competition and Strategy and then founded Growth Molecules. Today, Growth Molecules, a management consulting firm, helps companies simplify customer success and become more profitable. Emilia is globally recognized as a top 25 leader in Customer Success, having received numerous accolades for her work. She is a keynote speaker who strives to inspire her audience with storytelling from the trenches. When Emilia isn’t working or traveling the world, she spends time with her partner, three children, and multiple animals exploring Sonoma County, where she now resides.