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Say goodbye to spreadsheet woes with Rocketlane Custom Reports

Discover how Rocketlane Custom Reports unify all your data to unlock insights effortlessly.
February 29, 2024
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Atteq Ur Rahman

It’s the end of the month again, and you need to understand the state of business. This means you’re pulling data from different systems, and writing complex queries to retrieve the right information, just like the previous month.

You're also dreading the endless cycle that follows: tweaking, updating, and cleaning up these spreadsheets to make sure your data is accurate.

Despite all this, there might still be gaps, errors, and inconsistencies, leaving you to make decisions without the complete picture.

Against the relentless grind, a question echoes loud: must it always be this way?

We say, absolutely not!

Introducing Rocketlane Custom Reports

With Rocketlane’s Custom Reports, you now have the power to unlock insights into your business effortlessly.

Custom Reports on Rocketlane

As your all-in-one platform for client delivery, Rocketlane consolidates all crucial data in one place. Gain access to project performance, resource utilization, time tracking, financials, customer sentiments, and partner performance, paving the way for a 360° view of your business.

With Custom Reports, you can now slice and dice data across any dimension—whether it's people, projects, roles, tasks, or time tracking—and choose how you want to visualize it.

This means you can:

  1. Know the profitability and time to value of projects across different regions and products or services.
  2. Assess overall utilization, billable hours, and productivity of your team members.
  3. Understand time utilization and its impact on your finances and projects.

All those insights you've either longed for or have had difficulty accessing? They're now effortlessly within your grasp, just a few clicks away!

The single source of truth for all your data

Rocketlane seamlessly integrates all critical information into one unified platform, making it the single source of truth for all your data. With this superpower, Custom Reports offer unparalleled visibility and control over your operations, across anything you wish to measure.

Be it monitoring project and team member performance, analyzing resource allocation, or tracking financials, Rocketlane has you covered. It ensures that every facet of your service delivery business is transparent, accessible, and manageable from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Get your hands on real-time and accurate data

With Rocketlane consolidating all your data into one platform, you're always working with the most current information. Plus, access to historical data is just as seamless.

Whether you're aiming to analyze recent performance or assess trends over the last four quarters, there's no longer a need to jump between spreadsheets. With Rocketlane, you can zoom in for a real-time snapshot or zoom out for a broader view, without the hassle of navigating through disjointed data sources.

Discover actionable insights within seconds

Rocketlane's reports go beyond one-size-fits-all, letting companies get the exact insights they need for smart decisions. You can effortlessly create entirely new reports from scratch with just a couple of clicks. Reviewing data and adding filters to understand more? That's all easy and fast, done in seconds!

Identify and plug those pesky revenue leaks

To shift from constant firefighting to proactive leadership, you need to master three areas: closely watching operations, swiftly spotting issues, and thoroughly evaluating processes for efficiency. But without the proper tools at your disposal, getting a clear, comprehensive view of your business turns into an uphill battle that could seriously slow you down. With Rocketlane Custom Reports, you can stay on top of these challenges and ensure everything is on track.

Why choose Rocketlane for your delivery business?

Rocketlane is your all-in-one customer onboarding and PSA platform for efficiently managing client delivery. Whether it's automatic project creation upon deal closure, smart resource allocation based on availability, workload, and profitability, or keeping track of your financials, Rocketlane has you covered. 

If you're already a customer, log in now to try out custom reports, or talk to our team and see the product in action today!

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Swetha Murali
Product Marketer @ Rocketlane
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