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Manage recurring client work with Rocketlane Subscriptions

With Rocketlane Subscriptions, gain an end-to-end view of your recurring projects in a few clicks.
February 15, 2024
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Handling subscription-based projects can be complex and time-consuming, leaving you uncertain about where to begin.

Dealing with repetitive tasks like project setup, monitoring budget and time spent for every billing period to avoid overservicing, and adapting to changes and updates month on month can be overwhelming. 

Sounds familiar? It's easy to find yourself in the dark about where your team's time is really going, struggling to forecast revenue, and understand your upcoming work.

Or maybe you're thinking about implementing subscription-based offerings to bring more predictability to your revenue stream, and you want to ensure you have the best infrastructure and processes in place for a seamless implementation.

In this blog, you'll discover how Rocketlane can provide a jumpstart to ensure you hit the ground running with subscriptions.

Not anymore! Introducing Rocketlane Subscriptions, to manage all your recurring client projects!

With Rocketlane Subscriptions, you gain an end-to-end view of your recurring projects in a few clicks! Rocketlane simplifies the setup of subscription-based projects, effortlessly tracks project statuses, predicts upcoming workloads, and, most importantly, provides insight into project profitability. 

Easily launch and manage subscriptions from the get-go

Whether you're already running a subscription-based business model or considering moving to one, transitioning to a new pricing model demands a robust infrastructure to handle the heavy lifting and serve as a foundational base for streamlined processes. What you need is a solution that seamlessly adapts to all your offerings, automating everyday operations for subscription-based client projects right from the start. With Rocketlane, setting up and running recurring projects is just a few clicks away!  

Unlock complete visibility of your subscription project

Rocketlane Subscriptions provides you with real-time insights into your completed, ongoing, and upcoming subscription periods, ensuring that you're always on top of every contract milestone. Gain a clear picture of how much time is consumed on every project, get insights into the billable time clocked for each period, so that you can anticipate future needs, prevent overutilization, make accurate forecasts, and plan effectively.

Stay on budget, eliminate overservicing

With Rocketlane Subscriptions, effortlessly monitor your budgeted hours and track your progress towards meeting them to avoid surprises like overservicing or unbilled work. Rocketlane proactively ensures you stay within budget by setting alerts at customizable thresholds, such as 80% or 90% of budget consumption. If you happen to exceed the budgeted hours, simply dive into our detailed breakdown to understand where those extra hours went. 

This allows you to communicate with your clients transparently, providing a clear breakdown of your time allocation. No more manual tracking – let Rocketlane handle it all!

Get a holistic picture of your financials

Rocketlane Subscriptions offer a 360-degree view of your financial landscape for all your subscription projects, including cost impact, margins, and revenue. Gain immediate insights by analyzing planned versus actual revenue, ensuring that every logged hour contributes accurately to your bottom line and maximizes profitability. Understand the new subscriptions added per month, as well as upcoming terminating projects, to accurately forecast the revenue you'll be adding in every quarter.

Get predictability into revenue

Subscriptions offer professional services organizations a consistent income stream, providing visibility into monthly revenue, renewal patterns, and termination dates. This insight enables more accurate revenue forecasting, eliminating the need to acquire new customers constantly. By prioritizing customer retention and reducing sales cycles, subscriptions ensure a steady and predictable revenue flow over time.

Why choose Rocketlane to manage your client work?

Rocketlane is your all-in-one customer onboarding and PSA platform for efficiently managing client delivery. Whether it's automatic project creation upon deal closure, smart resource allocation based on availability, workload, and profitability, or keeping track of your financials, Rocketlane has you covered. 

If you're already a customer, log in now to set up your subscriptions, or talk to our team and see the product in action today!

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Swetha Murali
Product Marketer @ Rocketlane
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