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Meet Rocketlane Forms: Collect and organize data in a jiffy

Create surveys, intake forms, and handoffs. Rocketlane can turn responses into tasks or push them to your CRM while you go grab your coffee.
July 7, 2022
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If you’ve ever been involved in delivering a customer-facing project, you know how much data collection and exchange happens: intake forms, handoffs from the sales team to the customer onboarding/customer success team, customer surveys, etc. And all of this for just one project.

Now imagine collecting all that information manually, organizing them in a logical manner, and then feeding them into the multiple systems (also manually) you use to run customer projects. 

Not the most fun job in the world, eh? 

Your team is spending hours, probably days, just processing and organizing customer information and requests. Juggling this alongside actually onboarding multiple customers can lead to fatigue and unintended mistakes in the data collection. More importantly, it is time-consuming and tedious to use a combination of third-party forms and spreadsheets to understand and organize the information collected.

And so, we created Rocketlane Forms. With Forms, you can not only create forms and questionnaires to collect data internally and externally, but you can also automate task creation. Think handoffs, customer data for migration, customer surveys, requests, intake forms, etc. You can be hands-off yet ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Rocketlane Forms can save your team’s time and effort, enabling them to focus on work that matters. Here’s how.

Create forms within minutes

Rocketlane’s native forms are customizable and don’t require coding. The form builder offers preset fields for collecting data text and number formats and options to request attachments from respondents.

The form builder also allows for custom headers, themes, and backgrounds. You can also create and use custom fields to suit your business needs. The forms also allow for branching, which means you can use conditional logic to display follow-up questions once a specific question has been answered.

Create form templates that can be reused forever

As is the case with other Rocketlane building blocks such as projects and documents, you can create templates for the forms you will use. And yes, you can create them just once and reuse them multiple times across multiple projects.

Forms created for a project plan are linked to it, so all information is available with context.

You can also duplicate form templates and edit them as required; this saves you the effort of having to create one from scratch every single time.

Turn requests into tasks automatically

Eliminate the need for manual work when it comes to creating tasks based on form submissions. Rocketlane lets you set up a workflow where information filled into a Rocketlane Form can be automatically turned into project tasks. You can also map how the submitted data is populated into the task fields. This way, your team just has to open your project to know what’s on their plate instead of wading through rows of spreadsheets to figure out what they need to do.

Push data to other business apps

Rocketlane Forms has 15 preset field types that help you capture structured data. Data collected using these field types can be pushed to other systems you use to run your customer projects, such as your CRM. This means the required information is captured in the correct format, which means they feel less anxious about handling the data, and there are lesser chances of errors in the data captured.

Build your first Rocketlane Form today

Invest less than an hour building a Rocketlane Form, and save your team days’ worth of time and effort.

Forms are available from the Professional plan. Automatic task creation from submitted forms is available from the Premium plan onwards. If you’d rather see it in action first, sign up for a 14-day free trial, or book a demo.

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