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Introducing Skills Matrix: Perfectly align your team's skills with project needs

Discover Rocketlane's Skills Matrix for seamless skill-to-project matching. Boost resource planning and maintain an updated skills database.
May 20, 2024
Atteq Ur Rahman

You're swamped with multiple projects, each needing a precise match of team skills to meet client demands.

There you are, combing through endless lists, figuring out who’s available and when. 

Wrestling with multiple spreadsheets, setting up complex vlookups to match skills, and applying filter after filter.

And, another filter. Phew.

This inefficient process not only consumes valuable time but also holds the risk of costly errors, compromising utilization rates and affecting your capacity to meet both present and future project demands effectively.

This level of chaos and inefficiency is screaming for change, so we've done something about it!

Say hello to Skills Matrix!

Now, with just a few clicks, you can seamlessly match your team's skills with project requirements to attain optimal utilization rates

Skills Matrix categorizes and displays all your team's proficiencies in a user-friendly, intuitive interface. This helps you:

Find the perfect skill match for projects in seconds

Forget the old routine of switching between tools or scouring through past projects to spot the right fit. With Skills Matrix, all your skills are neatly organized and mapped to your resources in one place. Easily transform any project requirements into a well laid out resource plan and bring out the ideal skill mix in seconds. 

Plus, we’ve hooked up Skills Matrix to our smart Resource AI! With additional context, such as skills and proficiency, Resource AI can build a perfect team for your projects in seconds! 

Work with the latest data – you get an always-up-to-date skill library

Your employees’ skills are always evolving, so should your skill library. 

Gone are the days of wrestling with clunky spreadsheets or static databases that demand a Herculean effort just to keep things current.

With Rocketlane’s Skills Matrix, managing your skill library end-to-end becomes effortless. 

Need to create a skills matrix with skill types and proficiencies? You can do it quickly and with ease. 

When it comes to updating it, we keep it simple. You can swiftly update skills to ensure your resource proficiencies reflect real-time capabilities, effortlessly adapting to new learnings and project requirements. 

This means you’re always working with the freshest data, making it a cinch to get a precise match every time. This ensures your projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

You can also set up custom views or utilize our advanced search to navigate through your library effortlessly.

Close skills gaps and hire accurately

With Skills Matrix, you can group skills by roles to see the top skills and their ratings, providing a high-level overview of your team’s competencies and effectively assessing your team’s standing. This enables you to easily identify which skills are in lean supply across your team, empowering you to make informed decisions about where to focus upskilling efforts or when to bring in new talent.

You will now always be equipped with the right mix of skills, preventing last-minute scrambles and boosting project efficiency.

Also, stay tuned for some exciting additions to Skills Matrix! Very soon—really, really soon—you'll have access to reports designed to make recognizing skill gaps even easier.

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