How Joveo uses Rocketlane to accelerate, customize, and improve their onboarding


CSAT ratings achieved consistently



Use case

Customer visibility, Reporting, Onboarding


  • Difficulty in internal and external collaboration on onboarding projects using G-Suite tools.
  • Lack of repeatable processes leading to inconsistent onboarding experiences.
  • Struggles with quickly showcasing the platform's benefits to clients, prolonging time-to-value.


  • Achieved consistently high CSAT ratings of 9/10 with centralized visibility for all stakeholders
  • Reusable project templates ensured a consistent, repeatable onboarding experience across various customer types
  • Reduced time-to-value through streamlined processes and customized onboarding workflows

Joveo is a programmatic recruitment advertising platform based out of California, USA. Their data science/ML-driven platform enables large-scale employers and recruitment agencies to buy, manage, and track recruitment media across job sites, social and search marketplaces.

Joveo needed a solution that could:
  • Enable seamless cross-team collaboration internally and externally with customers
  • Help deliver a consistent onboarding experience to customers
  • Ensure customers realize value from the Joveo platform faster

The Challenge

  • Joveo primarily caters to large enterprise customers with a presence across multiple geographies. This means hiring requirements and regulations vary widely.
  • Hiring is time sensitive. Any delay in publishing job advertising campaigns can adversely impact hiring. Therefore onboarding plays a critical role in making sure customers realize value from the Joveo platform.
  • Onboarding projects require close collaboration between Sales, Customer Success, Ad Operations, Implementation, et al. But using a combination of generic tools like Google Forms, Google Docs, and spreadsheets meant there was hardly any scope for a consistent and collaborative approach to onboarding.

The Solution

"Rocketlane has helped us achieve higher customer satisfaction and lower time-to-value. But even within our teams, it has helped us drive innovations by removing blindspots, by giving us insights and data that we can use to continuously improve our internal processes."

Shehzad Karkhanawala - Vice President, Global Marketing

  • With the centralized visibility that Rocketlane offered, the Joveo onboarding team had a single source of truth for all their onboarding projects—across customers, geographies, and team members.
  • By setting up reusable project templates, Joveo is now able to deliver a consistent, repeatable onboarding experience. This has enabled the team to benchmark onboarding projects for specific types of customers and identify bottlenecks.
  • Creating templates has helped them customize onboarding workflows to streamline and improve their internal processes. This has insulated Joveo’s onboarding processes from individual team members’ project management styles.
  • Rocketlane’s inbuilt CSAT functionality enabled the Joveo team to collect customer feedback at critical stages in the onboarding journey.