How Observe.AI made a leap to the professional services model, with an impressive 70+ NPS score


accounts go-live in less than 80 days


success rate in achieving first time-to-value


consistent NPS maintained Quarter on Quarter



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting, Time-tracking


  • Process inefficiency from utilizing multiple systems for implementation tracking
  • Existing tools are neither customerfriendly nor conducive to leadership reporting
  • Manual client management resulting in low visibility and accountability


  • Streamlined implementation processes with Rocketlane’s templates, enhancing efficiency and enabling easy scaling
  • Simplified OKR tracking through Interval IQ, offering precise insights and detailed reporting, thus improving leadership visibility into OKR progress
  • Improved client engagement and efficient timetracking, supporting the transition to a professional services model

Observe.AI is a conversation intelligence platform for contact centers that enables speech analytics at its core. Robert, the Principal Implementation Manager at Observe.AI, was focused on driving two major OKRs:

  • Optimizing time-to-first value: Ensure clients perceive tangible benefits from the services within or before the 80-day mark and establish a robust system to track these milestones.
  • Keeping service credits utilization low: Streamline implementation processes to significantly reduce delays, ensuring client requests for credits don't go beyond a target percentage.

As their implementation team evolved, one of their goals for 2024 was to transition from an implementation team to a full-blown Professional Services powerhouse!

However, their current setup wasn’t fully equipped to support this change. They were also grappling with manual processes, the trial-and-errors of setting up playbooks, and a lack of visibility for leadership on their OKR progress.

Furthermore, the current tools in use weren't quite hitting the mark on customer-friendliness, adding another layer of complexity to their scaling journey.

The Challenge

"I don't need to go to five different places to pull information to see how we're tracking. I just need one specific centralized location.”

Fragmented tooling

They've been navigating through three to five different systems, just to track feedback from the clients and prepare reports for the C-suite. They were hopping between too many apps, entering the same info over and over.

Broken high-level reporting

Maintaining open communication with leadership was essential for them to fully understand the expectations for each implementation, and report back on it. However, they were bogged down by manually tracking everything, and were missing the mark on delivering the finer details that mattered to the leadership.

Difficulty scaling-up processes

As Observe.AI expanded, their existing tool stack proved to be neither customer-friendly nor reporting-friendly. They struggled with mirroring their playbooks in these systems, especially as their team evolved and reporting needs became more complex.

Lack of visibility in client communications

The team constantly found themselves nudging clients along the implementation journey, with much of the communication unfolding through endless emails and meetings. This approach led to a lack of clear visibility into the process and reduced accountability on their part, thereby complicating client engagement.

Essentially, they needed to break free from the grind of manual tracking. They're seeking a system that would proactively update leadership on the progress of ongoing implementations and take following-up with customers completely off their team's to-do list. With their shift towards a professional services model, they were also keen on incorporating time-tracking capabilities to aid in the transition.

The Solution

“They gave me a demo and it was love at first sight. It was giving us everything that we needed and everything that we were going to need in regards to hitting our new OKRs”

Streamlined implementation processes

With Rocketlane’s dynamic templates, standardizing implementation processes became effortless for Observe.AI! Each template is meticulously mapped to a variety of implementation types, ensuring efficient, tailor-made solutions for every client scenario. Whenever they contemplate scaling, there's no need to think twice—it's all already set up.

Simplified OKR tracking

Monitoring time-to-first value was not just their top goal but also a crucial aspect of their OKRs. In this endeavor, Interval IQ played a pivotal role. It offered precise insights into their performance, encompassing various project phases and milestones. This allowed them to extract detailed reports with ease, and giving leadership the visibility into their advancement towards OKRs.

Consistent client engagement

The introduction of a dedicated customer portal, in contrast to their previous reliance on emails, meetings, and project management tools lacking in client interaction, has been a game-changer for Observe.AI. Their customers now enjoy a transparent view of project timelines and checklists on their plate. This transparency has heightened accountability, spurring their customer engagement.

Efficient time-tracking

The transition to a professional services model required precise tracking of project durations. Rocketlane facilitated this shift by providing advanced time-tracking capabilities, enabling accurate logging and monitoring of time for each project. Additionally, it enabled streamlined report generation for monthly and quarterly time analysis per project type.

Here’s to Observe.AI, now cruising on the fast lane with Rocketlane!

Observe.AI's Rocketlane Playbook

Market segmentation
Observe.AI’s team developed specialized templates tailored to various deal sizes, including mid-market, enterprise, and strategic transactions. This enables them to allocate their resources and manage costs more effectively by providing insight into the time invested across various customer segments.

Early warning systems
Rocketlane's early warning system enables them to swiftly identify and address implementation delays. Whenever an implementation is delayed, it prompts the creation of an action plan and keeps the entire team informed. This allows for early intervention in potential delays.

Slack & Salesforce integrations
With this integration they are able to communicate, and engage with their clients right from their place of work. Furthermore, closing a deal now in salesforce triggers an automated, hands-off process where new deals are effortlessly assigned to an implementation manager and the project plan is set up in alignment with the specific deal requirements.