How Qapita sets up their onboarding projects in 15 minutes using automation on Rocketlane

15 mins

saved per project setup



Use case

Customer visibility, Reporting, Onboarding


  • Workflow inefficiencies due to the use of multiple tools for onboarding
  • Absence of a centralized system for tracking project performance and client engagement
  • Low client engagement, with communication relying heavily on emails and calls


  • Customizable templates and automated project creation streamlined onboarding, saving 45 minutes per project setup
  • Unified platform in Rocketlane eliminated the need for multiple tools, streamlining workflows
  • Enhanced visibility into project performance and simplified client collaboration through the Customer Portal

Qapita is a Singapore-based FinTech startup that automates the equity management process for startups, including workflows around CapTables, ESOPs, due diligence, and transactions.

Qapita needed a solution that could:

  • Help measure their team’s performance and client satisfaction levels during onboarding
  • Allow their team and customers to see the progress of onboarding and key project milestones
  • Make the implementation journey more efficient and predictable

The Challenge

  • The Qapita team had to constantly switch between multiple tools while onboarding a customer, and having their workflow scattered across multiple tools was challenging.
  • They didn’t have a centralized system to track key performance metrics around project performance and client engagement.
  • Visibility into client engagement during onboarding was low, with heavy reliance on email exchanges and phone calls with all stakeholders.
  • The Qapita team didn’t have an efficient way to ensure every single client enjoyed the same onboarding experience.

The Solution

"With Rocketlane, our clients are now able to give us real-time feedback. We are pleased to see the average CSAT score of 4.7 since going live with Rocketlane, with several clients appreciating the transparency that the new onboarding experience offers. Projects that would take hours to a few days to prepare now take no more than 15 minutes to be ready. The experience we are able to deliver to our clients, and the confidence in the success of each project that internal and external stakeholders now have thanks to Rocketlane, is helping us stand out from our competitors."

  • Rocketlane's unified solution eliminated the need for multiple tools, allowing Qapita to work on all customer projects from a single platform.
  • With the visibility that Rocketlane provides, Qapita now has insight into how each of their projects are performing and the progress made. They now know where to focus their attention and resources and it’s helped them communicate timelines to their clients with confidence.
  • The Customer Portal has simplified client collaboration and engagement. Customers can now stay updated with project progress and communicate in real time with the Qapita team. Automated status updates and task reminders are sent every week to ensure accountability with ease.
  • Using Rocketlane's templates, Qapita is able to capture all of the repeatable phases, tasks, and documents involved in a project. They have now set up templates for the different types of customers they have – from early-stage startups who are keen to self-onboard immediately to late-stage unicorns that require a detailed plan of attack to migrate complex data onto the platform. This aids in getting projects up and running much faster.
  • By integrating Rocketlane with Freshsales, Qapita is now able to automate project creation based on sales data flowing in from their CRM. This saves hours for each onboarding manager since customized projects are set up automatically in minutes.