How Rocketlane helps Mosaic save 120 hours through a streamlined onboarding process

120 hours

saved monthly through streamlined onboarding



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Onboarding


  • Managing multiple projects with Google Sheets was challenging and inefficient
  • Customer requests slipped through the cracks, leading to poor customer experience  
  • Lack of a standardized onboarding process resulted in inconsistent outcomes


  • Saved ~120 hours monthly through streamlined onboarding and Salesforce integration for automated project creation
  • Improved process and customer request management with task-specific conversations
  • Boosted customer satisfaction with greater transparency into onboarding progress
Mosaic needed a solution that could:

  • Replace their chaotic Google sheets workflow and standardize their onboarding process
  • Help their internal team track and work on every customer requirement.
  • Deliver consistent results to every customer without delays.

The Challenge

  • Mosaic was using Google Sheets to assign representatives and track their onboarding projects. Maintaining these sheets to manage multiple projects simultaneously placed a lot of strain on their team’s limited bandwidth.
  • Minor customer requests would usually slip through the cracks when projects were run on Google sheets. A lot depended on the ability of a team member to remember and follow through on requests rather than a well-functioning system.  
  • Every project followed a different approach. There was no well-established process in place to recreate consistent results for every client.

The Solution

"Rocketlane has saved us hundreds of hours and it’s the most user-friendly onboarding tool in the market. Our customers are very appreciative of how transparent the onboarding process is for them. Seeing the whole outline of the journey laid out for them helps our customers to build trust with us."

Connie Lee - Strategy and Ops, Mosaic Tech

  • With Rocketlane, Mosaic has a more process oriented approach to onboarding. Every member on their Customer Success team can now effectively onboard new customers with consistent results.
  • Rocketlane helps Mosaic keep all onboarding related activities neatly organized. Conversations around every task related to customer requirements are now recorded in dedicated threads and acted upon.
  • Rocketlane’s integration with Salesforce enables sales data to flow seamlessly into the platform through custom project fields. Whenever a new deal is closed, a project is automatically created using a predefined template.
  • Mosaic’s customers appreciate the transparency that their success team is able to maintain throughout the process. Customers stay updated about their onboarding project at all times through Rocketlane’s Customer Portal.