How saves over 50,000 hours every year with Rocketlane

50000 hours

saved annually by streamlining onboarding



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Onboarding


  • Handling 300-350 projects with tools like Jira, Zoho Projects, and Google Sheets led to inefficient project collaboration
  • Cumbersome followups via email and phone calls due to poor collaboration channels with customers
  • Lack of critical visibility into project progress and prioritization needs


  • Rocketlane enabled a consistently positive onboarding experience, enhancing customer accountability
  • Access to project updates for customers at their fingertips improved engagement and satisfaction
  • Saved over 50,000 hours annually, streamlining onboarding workflows and boosting efficiency is a conversational AI platform provider based out of San Mateo, California, USA. Their platform uses dynamic human and AI-powered agents that help create personalized interactions for over 1,000 B2C/business-to-employee businesses around the world. needed a solution that could:
  • Help create an onboarding experience that increases engagement
  • Enable the team to demonstrate the value of the platform within six months
  • Allow efficient collaboration with customers on onboarding projects

The Challenge

  • The customer projects teams at could be handling about 300-350 projects at any given time. Implementation timelines vary vastly, with projects taking anywhere between two weeks and four months. They also provide managed services for the entire duration of a customer’s contract, which could last between 24 and 36 months.
  • Managing such high volumes of implementation projects on generic tools like Jira, Zoho Projects, and Google Sheets was a nightmare. The team had no way to collaborate efficiently with their customers which meant cumbersome follow-ups via email threads and phone calls.
  • More critically, the team had next to no visibility into critical information such as how much progress was made on each projects, and which projects needed immediate attention

The Solution

Our clients get real time information, and we love the ability to internally collaborate on Rocketlane. The intuitive dashboards and the insights we derive from Rocketlane are a couple of things that I absolutely love about the product.

  • With Rocketlane, is now able to deliver a consistently positive onboarding experience to every customer.
  •’s customers are now in perfect sync with the onboarding team, as they have access to project updates at their fingertips.
  • Managing onboarding projects on Rocketlane has helped save over 50,000 hours annually.