Go-live is the time at which something becomes available for use. In project management or implementation, go-live is the point at which end users begin to start using a product/service. The go-live phase is also called deployment in some cases. 

Typically, in implementation and onboarding projects, go-live is followed by a transition to maintenance or support teams. 

Best practices 

The go-live is arguably the most critical milestone in any technology or SaaS project since it marks the end of a series of activities —typically spanning months—starting from requirement gathering and project planning through execution/implementation to testing and training. 

  1. Involve all stakeholders from the beginning to define exactly what go-live means for the specific customer or cohort. 
  2. Think about the transition to Customer Support much before the go-live date, including creating a transition or handoff plan.
  3. Before go-live, ensure that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) items have been closed or logged for future action. 
  4. Set up a contact list that can be reached out to in case of any urgent problem-solving or escalations during go-live.

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