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Land and Expand

Land and Expand is a business strategy that focuses on landing a customer with a modest deal to get a foot in the door and use it as a way to expand your footprint within the customer organization through more offerings, teams, and users. 

It is an account-level (not user-level) approach that focuses heavily on building and nurturing strong connections with high-level stakeholders or champions who have decision-making authority within the customer company.  

Land and Expand isn’t about organic growth, but a conscious long-term strategy executed by Sales or Customer Success to create and nurture relationships with key decision-makers.

Why it’s important

Land and Expand strategies when properly executed, with the right approach to building customer relationships, can help you:

  1. Reduce the cost of acquiring additional revenues
  2. Increase your cross-sell and upsell rates while also increasing CLV. Customers with multiple teams/functions using your product are less likely to take their business elsewhere. 

Best practices 

  1. Have a strong onboarding process with low TTV so you are more likely to have champions who can become your ambassador. 
  2. Track and monitor the impact of your Land & Expand strategies using KPIs such as ARPU from accounts, broader adoption across the customer organization, increased adoption of high-value features, engagement with key executives, etc.

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