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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

MonthlyRecurring Revenue (MRR) refers to revenue that an organization expects to receive from its customer(s) for its products or services every month. 

Since MRR is calculated for a month, any payment other than a month’s duration needs to be normalized for it. 

MRR provides a way to easily understand the pulse of your subscription business and forecast cash flow in the short term. 

How to calculate MRR

MRR = Sum of monthly recurring charges of all paying customers

If you have a mix of one-time & recurring charges for a customer, include all recurring plans, add-ons (and account for discounts), and exclude setup fee, non-recurring add-ons, any payment adjustment, ad hoc charges, etc. 

Best practices

MRR vs ARR: If your customers can cancel at any time or if they pay month-to-month, use MRR. If you have term agreements with most customers in multiples of one year, use ARR.

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