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Onboarding Specialist

An onboarding specialist in SaaS CS and PS teams is a customer-facing professional who takes new customers from the start (say sign-up or post-sale) of their journey with a product/service, all the way to their first moment of value realization. Their job is to guide and help the customer during the onboarding process based on their unique needs and goals. 

Why Customer Success needs Onboarding Specialists 

Onboarding is a critical and often, complex process that needs to be done right the first time with as little friction and as quickly as possible. A good onboarding experience has a huge role to play in retention and makes it easier for CSMs to handle the account further down the line.

Though onboarding can be done by CSMs, handling a process as intensive and critical as onboarding is best left to an expert who focuses on it alone. This is especially important in cases where SMs typically manage multiple customers and accounts or if you have a more complex product.

Onboarding specialists can provide customers with the personalized support they need at the most critical point in their product journey. Once successfully onboarded,  customers will need little guidance from the CSM.

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