Customer Onboarding Maturity Report 2022

200+ Customer Onboarding and Implementation professionals from around the world, spanning multiple industries, took the survey to better understand their onboarding maturity and methodology.

We’ve compiled the key findings and insights into an ebook for you.

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The major pillars of onboarding

The Customer Onboarding Maturity Survey was launched with the intent to uncover insights into how companies worldwide are onboarding customers. It covers the four major pillars of onboarding.

Value Orientation

  • Are teams able to articulate value?

  • Do you measure ROI/value?

  • Check how value-focused you are as a company. Have your customers see value quickly, and reduce churn for your business.

CX & Delivery

  • Are teams able to articulate value?

  • Do you set expectations and sign off on them with customers?

  • What's your customer effort score?

  • Assess your focus on customer experience and delivery.

Adaptability & Organization

  • Are your teams adaptive to customers' needs?

  • Do you have the right implementation partners?

  • Evaluate adaptiveness of your onboarding methodology and measure your teams' readiness to handle customer onboarding.

Manageability & Productivity

  • Do you audit compliance with playbooks

  • Are you able to capture and track metrics?

  • Assess your project management strategies and plans.

  • Track the right onboarding KPIs.

Here’s what folks who took the survey are saying

John O’ Donnell

Manager, Onboarding

“CS teams often tend to turn their focus inwards. They want to improve metrics, up the renewals, etc. But, the answer to how you can improve those numbers is hiding in plain sight: customer-centricity.

Niekita Mangla

Customer Onboarding Lead

“The survey results helped us realize the dimensions/specific factors where we need to focus. In an era of automation and digitization, the customer experiences have to be more frictionless and easier. This can only be achieved by giving customers a delightful onboarding experience"

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