Customer Led Growth and Customer Onboarding

Nir Kalish, VP of CX & Customer-Led Growth (CLG) Advisor, Amplemarket, talks about customer led growth and how onboarding adds value to it.
Shuvedha Subramaniam
June 21, 2023
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Our guest for this episode is Nir Kalish,  Customer-Led Growth (CLG) advisor and VP of CX & Customer-Led Growth (CLG) Advisor at Amplemarket. He is an experienced leader across pre-sales solutioning and post-sale CS functions.

He is a champion of the CLG or Customer Led Growth movement and has contributed significantly to the development and promotion of CLG strategies and practices in the space.

In this episode of the Launch Station, he shares his expertise on:

  • The CLG movement 
  • Implementing CLG strategies and practices in your organization
  • The challenges that businesses face when implementing CLG strategies
  • How onboarding adds value to the whole CLG movement

… and more.

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