SafetyCulture’s customer onboarding playbook

Nuno Paiva das Neves, Director of Customer Success at SafetyCulture talks about the evolution of the journey from assisted trials to customer onboarding.
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In this episode of the Launch Station, we are joined by Nuno Paiva das Neves, Director of Customer Success at SafetyCulture. He started his career at IBM, then spent close to 14 years at SAP, and for the past few years, he has been in the world of CS. 

At SafetyCulture, he focuses on outcomes and business value for customers, right from delivering on pre-sales activities, success engineering, onboarding, and customer health. Being all for making customers happy, Nuno talks to us about:

  1. How the transition from working at a large corporation to a startup happens
  2. How the journey from a startup to a scaleup has evolved over the years
  3. What GTM motions exist at SafetyCulture
  4. Playbooks and learnings SafetyCulture operationalizes on for onboarding

… and more.

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