S01 Ep.10: Customer Education - The Missing Link to Onboarding Success

Bill Cushard, General Manager, ServiceRocket, talks about why customer education and training programs is required in the customer onboarding journey
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In Episode 10, we have Bill Cushard, General Manager, ServiceRocket. He is a customer education expert and has spent most of his career working in learning management, software adoption, and customer success. He was named one of the Top 25 CS Influencers in 2020. Bill has extensive experience working with startups and high-growth companies.

Here's what Bill talks about in this episode:

  • How Learndot came about
  • What great customer training looks like
  • The maturity model for customer education
  • Companies that do a great job in customer training/education
  • When a SaaS business should invest in customer education
  • Roadblocks in setting up customer education programs in companies

... and more.

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