Customer onboarding is gaining momentum as an independent function: 2023 Rocketlane Survey

The customer onboarding software vendor surveyed over 300 onboarding professionals to understand their challenges, goals, and trends they foresee in 2023.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2023 -- Collaborative customer onboarding platform Rocketlane released "The State of Customer Onboarding 2023," a report based on a survey of customer onboarding professionals from companies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Clari, Front, etc. The report reveals the top challenges for onboarding and implementation teams, and challenges in the onboarding process, such as the reliance on multiple tools, customer accountability, and project visibility. The report also highlights the reasons behind the various challenges and offers best practices to achieve the goals outlined in it.

"Every CS and onboarding leader should be reading this survey report. It offers a wealth of information for post-sale leaders to dig deeper into their functions, uncover challenges they have with getting their customers to success, and alleviate them. Given the prevalent macroeconomic climate, it's doubly important that every new customer gets to value quickly with the best possible experience," said Rocketlane CEO Srikrishnan Ganesan.

Notable takeaways from the report include: Forty percent of onboarding and implementation professionals responded that they charge for implementations, 78% have improving customer experience as their 2023 goal, and around 64% want data analysis automated.

Customer Onboarding Expert Donna Weber said, "Since growth happens after the initial sale, customer onboarding is no longer a 'nice-to-have.' 'The State of Customer Onboarding 2023' report shows that more companies take customer onboarding seriously. In order to have a greater impact on customers and their companies, onboarding teams deserve the recognition and investments they deserve."

"It's heartening to see that onboarding teams no longer stop at technical implementation and its completion, and rather have goals around TTV and adoption. This change was necessary to create a superior onboarding experience to turn customers into advocates," Ganesan added. "Areas of improvement for teams still include better transparency and automation to hold customers accountable, and better data insights to refine onboarding processes."

You can find the full report and findings here.

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