Rocketlane expands its offerings by building the world’s first customer-centric service delivery platform

Rocketlane expands its offerings to empower PS firms by building the world’s first service delivery platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 30th, 2023 - Rocketlane, an industry leader in customer-facing project management solutions, announced their strategic expansion into the realm of Professional Services Automations (PSA). With this foray, Rocketlane aims to empower PS organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of project profitability, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

“We understand the challenges that PS teams face daily, and our new offering aims to bring a fresh perspective. We're shaking up the status quo, providing a solution that simplifies project management, enhances client collaboration, and boosts profitability. The dynamic landscape of Professional Services needs a dynamic tool like Rocketlane", says Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO of Rocketlane. 

PS teams have long grappled with questions that hinder their efficiency and profitability:

  • How can projects be delivered efficiently while maximizing profitability?
  • How can we gain visibility into future staffing needs?
  • How do we ensure project information is readily accessible to clients and leadership?

Traditional systems have offered limited, one-dimensional approaches, leaving businesses struggling to effectively connect resources, time, and finances with projects. This fragmented approach has led to subpar collaboration and accountability gaps, resulting in constant delays and lost revenue opportunities.

Rocketlane's Trifecta: A revolution in service delivery

Rocketlane's unique approach brings together managing projects, processes, people, and finance, while also prioritizing client accountability and experience. This synergy enables businesses to construct a world-class delivery engine, setting unprecedented standards in project management and client satisfaction.

Track profitability in real-time

Rocketlane places live project profitability tracking at the forefront, ensuring project managers understand the real-time impact of their initiatives and have visibility into all ongoing and future projects. With live updates to project plans triggering automatic resource allocation adjustments, the result is improved project steering, optimal resource planning, and maximized margins.

Collaboration has a new meaning

Recognizing the pivotal role of collaboration in project success, Rocketlane offers Partner Central to streamline partner processes and enhance collaboration. Clients are placed at the heart of projects through a powerful client portal, offering 360-degree visibility, automated project updates, and CSAT surveys to gauge client sentiment at all stages of the project.

Advanced automation capabilities

Rocketlane revolutionizes project lifecycles by automating routine tasks, liberating teams to focus on value-driven initiatives. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing tools, creating a tailored workflow that mirrors each business's uniqueness. Rocketlane's versatility extends to project management, finance, client interactions, and beyond, all unified within a single platform.

Experience the future of professional services automation with Rocketlane. Visit Rocketlane to explore how the platform can transform your service delivery business.

‍About Rocketlane

Rocketlane is a purpose-built PSA and client onboarding platform that helps businesses accelerate their time to value, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce churn. The platform replaces generic project management, document collaboration, and communication tools with a unique, unified workspace that improves communication, collaboration, and project visibility for businesses and their customers. It equips teams with trends and benchmarks across projects, which in turn helps them develop and optimize playbooks and best practices. To learn more about Rocketlane, visit


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