Rocketlane reinvents customer onboarding for B2B companies with launch of its platform and $3M seed funding

Goes live with first collaborative customer onboarding solution that shortens time-to-value, streamlines implementation journeys and delivers exceptional customer experience for onboarding projects.

SAN JOSE, Calif, June 23, 2021  -- Rocketlane today announced the launch of its transformative customer onboarding software platform along with a seed funding of $3 million from Nexus Venture Partners and Matrix Partners. With Rocketlane, B2B companies get a purpose-built unified workspace, making it easy for customer onboarding teams to collaborate with internal teams and customers. Teams hit project goals consistently, have real-time visibility and faster value delivery in addition to elevating the customer experience. The launch comes after a successful early access program with companies including Aryaka Networks, Joveo, Netcore and others switching to Rocketlane for their implementation and onboarding projects.

"We chose Rocketlane because the spreadsheets and existing collaboration tools, such as Asana and Slack, failed to deliver the experience that our customers have come to expect to stay on top of our delivery and deployments. The Presentation Mode and templates in Rocketlane help us impress customers in that very crucial initial partnership period, and the reporting provides instant insights for me and the leaders on my team. We are now equipped to find issues early and put our deployments on cruise control. Rocketlane helps us reduce time-to-revenue and achieve our industry-beating NPS scores consistently," said Deepak Kumar, Chief Customer Officer at Aryaka Networks.

The critical role of customer onboarding

Today, customer onboarding relies on an assortment of people, processes, documents and tools. A McKinsey study reports that 70% of digital transformation projects fail or don't reach their stated goals. These projects hit a wall due to poor implementation, non-existent collaboration and the lack of customer accountability and involvement through the project.

"When there's a long and complex deployment, new customers quickly become overwhelmed," said Donna Weber, customer onboarding expert and author of Onboarding Matters. "For success to be possible, there is data to migrate, APIs to connect, customizations to be made and new processes and technology to learn and use. These can be formidable challenges for new customers, especially when they aren't tech-savvy."

The story behind Rocketlane

During their time at Freshworks (number 16 on the Forbes Cloud 100), the founders of Rocketlane experienced the difficulties and understood the importance of customer onboarding firsthand.  Srikrishnan Ganesan, Vignesh Girishankar and Deepak Bala realized that customer onboarding needed more than just a new tool—it required systemization and streamlining to make the work easier and the results better.  Together, they formed Rocketlane to modernize the customer onboarding experience with a comprehensive, unified platform to drive the best customer outcomes.

"Onboarding is quickly becoming the new bottleneck for fast-growing enterprise SaaS ventures, and top VCs are watching the gap between the Live ARR and Contracted ARR among their portfolio companies," said CEO Srikrishnan Ganesan. "There's a software platform for almost every other stage of the customer journey - sales, customer success and support. But in customer onboarding, most make do with spreadsheets and general-purpose collaboration/project tools and achieve impaired results. The lack of a purpose-built system for onboarding leads to a dependence on the personal heroics of individuals. This usually means hit-or-miss execution - resulting in delays and botched implementations. Rocketlane aims to fix that."

A powerful new approach

Rocketlane offers a beautiful and first-of-its-kind shared workspace that unifies project task management, customer communication and document collaboration in one tight-knit experience. This helps streamline customer collaboration and creates a single source of truth for everyone to stay on top of project updates. Rocketlane's customer portal creates a delightful experience for your customers, and the in-built CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) helps you understand customer sentiment through the journey. Rocketlane will also deliver insights and benchmarks that can help onboarding and implementation teams improve their processes and deliver value faster for clients.

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About Rocketlane

Rocketlane, with its purpose-built customer onboarding platform, enables businesses to accelerate the time-to-value of their products, achieve faster go-lives, increase renewals and boost customer satisfaction. Rocketlane brings the focus back to the customer in customer onboarding through a fully collaborative experience. The platform replaces general project management and document collaboration tools with a unique, unified workspace that improves communication, collaboration and project visibility for teams and their customers. With insights from trends and benchmarks across projects, teams can develop and optimize playbooks and best practices with continuous improvement. For more information, visit


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