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Switch to a PSA tool that can be a force multiplier for your team

Whether it’s project planning, collaborating with customers, budgeting for resources, or determining the profitability of your projects - Rocketlane lets you do it all in one place.

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Strike a balance between efficiency, profitability, and customer experience

Rocketlane empowers your team to deliver client projects on time,
while delighting your customers every single time
Take control of your profit margins

PS Delivery Leads need to juggle cost of resources and revenue forecasts. You need to monitor and analyse your burn rate so you can take corrective measures when it threatens to impact your bottom line.

Mitigate project delivery issues on time

Delivery Managers lack visibility into project status, which projects are behind schedule, and what is holding up a project. You need a tool that allows you to drill down to the root cause of project delays, so you can get projects back on track.

Untangle your tech stack

Switching between spreadsheets, email, Slack, et al can quickly turn client project delivery into a tangled mess. Your PS team needs a dedicated tool that can simplify project planning, collaboration, and customer communication.

Realize ROI in days

PSA tools with a clunky interface create friction in your team’s day-to-day workflows. Newer team members take longer to ramp up. You need a tool that your team can fully adopt and realise value in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Why Customers Love Rocketlane

Rocketlane understands the needs of the Professional Services industry. That’s what drew us to Rocketlane. Rocketlane has helped us reduce time-to-value by at least 15%.

Sabina Pons

Operating Partner


Improvement in time-to-value

Rocketlane is shifting our customer onboarding experience into high gear; taking us from just task management to strategic delivery partner with greater visibility and collaboration on project activities, ultimately driving up CSAT.

Robert Block

Global Vice President of Professional Services


Increase in CSAT ratings

When I look at the number of accounts an implementation manager could easily manage pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane, we can see a really massive improvement there. Within two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux

Director, Professional Services


Improvement in time-to-value

Our customers are more involved than ever. Rocketlane's customer portal gives them real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding project. They can complete tasks on time because they know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it and also hit us up instantly via built-in chat to communicate more effectively.

Becca Weiss

Sr. Director, Customer Success


Improvement in go-live time


Turn a profit on every project in your portfolio

Keep costs in control and make sure projects stay on budget. Get complete visibility into resource availability and team bandwidth. Plan your project timelines and resource requirements accurately.

Optimise your team’s bandwidth

Get to know who on your team is available to take on projects, who is occupied, and when they will be available. Make the most of your available resources, and avoid burn out for your team members!

Predict resource requirements

Understand the demand for different roles from projects across your portfolio, and predict when you are likely to face a resource crunch. Use these insights to make accurate and timely hiring decisions.

Increase your billable hours

Find out where your team spends their time - Are they executing billable tasks on customer projects? Are administrative tasks eating into their bandwidth? Analyse time sheets and take corrective measures on time.

Project management

Achieve breakthrough productivity gains

Save hours every week for your team with complete visibility into project execution, seamless collaboration on tasks, and out-of-the-box reporting on metrics. With Rocketlane’s sleek, easy-to-use UI your team will realise tangible results in no time.

Your all-in-one toolkit for project delivery

Chart out a project roadmap with well-defined phases, milestones, tasks, owners, and deadlines. Have conversations with your customers and your team in real-time with in-built Chat. And with in-house forms and native document editing, you can get a lot more done without leaving Rocketlane.

Track all projects from one place

Get a birds-eye view of all ongoing projects with the Rocketlane dashboard. Check the current status, progress, upcoming phases, and deadlines. See which projects are on track, and which ones are behind schedule. You can even integrate your CRM with Rocketlane and sync custom project fields.

Up your execution efficiency

Automate reminders for overdue tasks, and use status update templates to save hours spent on writing emails to all your customers. Organise all project-related documents within Rocketlane instead of hunting down links in your inbox and Slack conversations.

consistency and Productivity

Get a headstart
on every project

Take the heavy lifting out of day-to-day project execution with Rocketlane’s advanced templating capabilities. Be it project plans, documents, forms, or status updates - create once, and reuse them any number of times.

Templatize project plans

Set up project templates for different customer verticals, and save hours for your team every week. With reusable templates, you can create a project plan with phases, milestones, tasks, boilerplate documents, and forms in just a few clicks.

Craft bespoke workflows

Use customer attributes to trigger custom execution pathways with Dynamic Templates. You can automate the creation of phases, tasks, forms, et al based on conditional logic. This means you can create tailor-made project plans for a wide spectrum of customers on the fly.

Expand your portfolio with ease

Codify the context of client projects into reusable task templates. Create a tailor-made project plan for your client by merging multiple templates. Enable your team to become successively more efficient at executing bigger projects, and win larger deals with existing clients.

customer experience

Create an engaging customer experience

With an easy-to-access, self-serve customer portal, Rocketlane puts your customer at the core of every project. Make customers feel invested in the project delivery journey with seamless two-way collaboration.

Hold your customers accountable

Your customers need to do their share of the heavy lifting to bring a project to fruition. With the Rocketlane Customer Portal, customers know what tasks they need to complete, which documents they need to share, and what approvals are pending on them.

Simplify customer collaboration

Have real-time discussions with your customers around tasks and projects on Chat, share-edit-upload documents using Spaces, and collect all the necessary information and approvals with built-in forms. Make sure every client project keeps rolling along smoothly.

Keep your customers in the loop

Share status updates summarizing what you accomplished, send reminders about task deadlines, and standardize your communication with templates. You can push project updates to your customers’ Slack workspace with our native integration.

Rocketlane is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Rocketlane is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Rocketlane is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2

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Accelerate time to value for your customers

Rocketlane unifies project planning, customer communication, and document management - so your team can manage client projects efficiently.