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Best practices for measuring time to value

For those who are curious about how other organizations measure their TTV.
May 26, 2022
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Oprah Winfrey said, “you can’t have an Aha! moment unless you already knew it. The Aha is a remembering of what you already knew, articulated in a way to resonate with your own truth”.

Your customers' Aha! moment is the point in the customer journey when they realize value from your product. The well-curated moments are designed to make your customers feel rewarded for choosing your product. Your time to first value is the first assurance that they know what they need and have chosen the right aids to help them achieve their goals. 

For those who get curious about how other organizations measure their TTV, here are snippets from conversations in the Preflight community. 

Piyush Wason, Head of Technical Consultancy- Condeco 

Every organization has a different point of measure for TTV. It also depends on how their customers perceive the value being delivered. The key is to ask your customer what they perceive as value and see if their value aligns with your goals.

If it does, the calculation will be based on the data you collect and how you can entwine it with customers’ goals.

Jeff Kushmerek, CEO and Founder- Infinite Renewals

I’d suggest kicking off the client engagement by asking them to agree on a joint success plan.

For example, if you load data on day one and your customers suddenly have better insights than before using your product, aren’t they receiving value?

This way of thinking will reset the conversation from “having all the features live by x day” to customers seeing value from the beginning.

Alice Chapman, Global Head of Implementation- Convertr

Break down your TTV calculations across your client onboarding cycle. Success measurements like TTV are likely to be more than a 4- to 6-week onboarding goal. Explore ways to have a short-term onboarding goal that journeys toward success measurement. This way, we can control what this value or success means in a short time!

Sri Ganesan, CEO and Co-founder- Rocketlane

High-performing CX teams are adding nuance to the traditional TTV calculations. Teams are breaking the traditional TTV calculations into “time to first value” and “time to value.” The breakdown depends on what you define as the first value delivered to the customer or the total value delivered and measuring the time to get to those milestones from your contract close date. 

Aedan James, Director of Professional Services- HawkSoft

CSMs focus on proactive outreach and customers at risk. Actively advocate for the implementation department to think of themselves as driving overall customer success to deliver value instead of taking the hard stop at providing training. 

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Usha Kalva
Community & Partnerships @ Rocketlane

Usha is a Community Manager at Preflight. She's been an EIR, runs a successful restaurant, and is inclined toward the social sciences. In a parallel universe, she'd have been a wildlife photographer.

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