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Customer experience now made a 5-star affair, each time, every time with Rocketlane.
May 18, 2022
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Charming a customer? You can absolutely do it, but it ain’t a piece of cake.

Disneyland is no doubt one of the most magical places created on earth. Walt Disney, the man behind it, has ensured everyone who walks in through those magnificent gates is charmed. With its magical and personalized approach to customer experience, Disneyland has a passionately loyal fan base, welcoming 157 million visitors in 2018 with an astounding 70% return rate for first-time visitors.

Walt Disney had taken a more objective approach when visualizing his theme park. He prioritized the customer experience journey without jeopardizing the product, and that’s how he managed to delight everyone. He understood that customer experience is the starting point in any business. 

And while the products, services, and solutions offered to customers may vary, it is crystal clear from Disney’s case that thinking through the details of customer interactions and being intentional about creating immersive experiences needn't be restricted to just the hospitality industry.

Make the customer the protagonist of the play

Customer experience is all about how you build and create customer interactions from the moment someone hears about your product to login and post-purchase. To nail this, a company must create a model of what matters to customers, a graded short list of customer pain points to eliminate or fix, and opportunities to innovate as seen from the customer’s perspective.

At Rocketlane, we resolved to develop a solution that will help businesses accelerate their time to value and deliver a transparent, consistent, and delightful customer onboarding journey every single time. Our State of Customer Onboarding Survey of 2022 found that over 60% of respondents used at least 4-6 tools for their customer onboarding. And while 56% reported low visibility into project progress as the primary cause for escalations, 58% believed holding customers accountable was their biggest challenge.

Rocketlane aims to change that. We strive to eliminate pain points around visibility, collaboration, productivity, consistency, and customer experience. We bring it all into a single tab, streamlining onboarding for you and your customers.

This piece will explain why Rocketlane is keen on delivering a delightful onboarding experience. 

The start: Designed to impress

All the world's a stage, and customer onboarding is all a play. Your customer wants to be a part of the onboarding journey with you. They don’t want to be cast into the shadows, and they want to be kept in the loop at all times. They are going to be looking for that ‘wow’ factor right from the very beginning.

To keep customers grounded, you need to think about what they are looking for in you. And they need to be impressed, quick. 

With Rocketlane, you impress customers right from the get-go with interactive walkthroughs of your onboarding plan. Using the presentation mode, you can showcase to them how the onboarding will be structured along with specific timelines, thereby improving transparency, trust, and reliability between customers and you. This way, you go beyond the mundane and make your customer go ‘wow!’, even before the actual onboarding.

The run: All that’s in between

Now, this is a more prolonged phase. During the play, the customer will be looking for parts he can connect with on some level. This connection will help them decide to stay (called renewals and expansions in business terms) or leave in the middle. Ed Powers says intuition and emotions influence 70-80% of decisions made by the human brain. So, you need to be crafting exceptionally delightful experiences for the customer to always lean towards you and pick you from amongst your competitors. And Rocketlane helps you deal with it.

When onboarding new customers, they tend to feel alien towards a new tool. A customized portal with personalized brand colors, logos, domains, or themes ensures a distinct yet harmonious connection with your brand. And every customer has access to their portal with a dedicated domain. They get a magic link that takes them to their portal so they can see what you have in store for them. Customers can access all information, know where things stand, and take proactive steps to unblock or de-risk the onboarding. Automated reminders and status updates are bonuses in Rocketlane. Adding sub-tasks, linking docs, and embedding files have never been easier. Rocketlane also allows you to have private and shared spaces to lessen your onboarding chaos.

With communications happening inside Rocketlane, you don’t have to keep switching tabs to track every conversation. Collaboration becomes live and streamlined on project plans and documents with the chat feature. Your customer, therefore, becomes your partner in onboarding.

The end: A delightful experience

Arriving at the final phase of the journey does not justify rushing to the finish line. You have got your customers invested in the journey so far, and it is no good to ruin it in the end. Take them over the finish line and invest in making the whole onboarding great and delightful for everyone. 

Rocketlane helps you with all this and more. It ensures no one drops the ball on tasks, and you can hold each other accountable for the timely execution of milestones and faster value delivery. The right level of transparency is maintained throughout the journey with 360° visibility into plans, updates, and goals. And that’s how Rocketlane gets you to go beyond the mundane and invest in creating a delightful customer experience.

Why you should collaborate with Rocketlane on your script

We believe onboarding should not take a backseat. It should be given the spotlight since it’s where customers experience the first real post-purchase partnership with your team and are most vulnerable. It’s also the time when both you and your customer are investing the most time and effort. Rocketlane can help you elevate your customer experience by working hand-in-hand with your customers and making them accountable partners in your journey. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out how Rocketlane can help you onboard from start to finish successfully. Sign up for a free trial and give your customers a ‘friction-free’ onboarding experience.

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