Madhushree Menon

Content Marketer @ Rocketlane

Madhushree Menon is a content marketer at Rocketlane. She mainly focuses on SEO blogs, but also dabbles in other forms of content. A true Hufflepuff at heart, she loves to binge-watch anime, explore new cuisines, and learn new languages.

From service to solution: Leveraging product thinking in professional services
At Propel24, Rocky D'Souza from Netomi discusses how to make your services tangible and standardized to enhance scalability and customer sat
Proactive vs. reactive: How modern PS teams leverage data to their advantage
At Propel24, Mark Sloan of Asaph Advisors discusses how Professional Services teams can act proactively with their sales and HR teams.
Simplifying billing automation for PS businesses
Discover billing automation, the billing challenges professional services firms face, its benefits, and steps to streamline the process.
Mastering subscription billing: Best practices for professional service businesses
A must-have guide for professional service firms on implementing subscription billing to drive growth and enhance customer retention.
Preflight Conversations
Defining onboarding phases for highly configurable multi-module products
Explore the rationale of packaging services products and the essential elements needed to package them efficiently based on customer needs.
Customer onboarding benefits for retention and acquisition
Learn how to build brand loyalty and retain customers. Discover customer onboarding and how it impacts customer acquisition and retention.
Benefits of implementing expense tracking in a PSA tool
Explore expense tracking and the key benefits of implementing it. Also learn how to set up expense tracking in a PSA tool effortlessly.
Steps to build and read a capacity report
Discover the benefits of capacity reports. Learn the various types of capacity reports and steps to build and interpret one.
Resource planning and forecasting with Rocketlane
Explore the basics of resource planning and forecasting with Rocketlane and discover how to streamline project management processes.
4 reasons why you should have a project health dashboard
Discover the power of project health dashboards. Learn what they are and why they are essential for improving project performance.
Mastering project planning in 6 Steps: Your essential guide
Project planning saves time and boosts efficiency. Discover the key elements of project planning and how to master it in 6 simple steps.
Transitioning your PS business to a subscription model
Explore how professional services are adopting subscription models. Discover their benefits, best practices, and key factors to consider.
5 spreadsheet alternatives to boost resource management
Discover the limitations of spreadsheets and explore 5 spreadsheet alternatives for resource planning and forecasting.
Resource management lifecycle: Benefits and phases
Explore the world of resource management lifecycle. Discover its different phases, and how it benefits your organization.
Project governance: Tips for enhanced project management
Learn about project governance, types of project governance models, and project governance tips to enhance project management.
Customer-centric project management: A 6-step guide
Explore customer-centric project management. Also, discover its advantages and 6 simple steps to become a customer-centric project manager.
CS Ops
Turning strategic priorities into measurable KPIs
Discover how CS Ops teams can turn strategic value delivery goals into actionable KPIs. Learn how to measure success through these KPIs.
How to build a workload management plan that boosts efficiency
Learn how to build a workload management plan to improve productivity. Discover how workload management improves employee satisfaction.
5 key elements of project management and planning
Discover the role of project planning, the five essential elements of project management, and how they impact the success of your project.
3 different project management goals to boost success
Wondering what project management goals to track for your business? Here are 3 different project management goals to increase success.
Implementation Stories
Maximizing impact: Lean teams in large client rollouts
Learn to maximize impact with lean implementation teams and the process of scaling documentation and training for larger implementations.
Mastering resource allocation: A 6-step guide to success
Wondering how to track resource allocation for your organization? Here is a guide to resource allocation and steps to track it effectively.
Preflight Conversations
CCO Masterclass with Rod Cherkas: Strategies and skills to develop into a successful CCO
Learn how to build relevant skills for your career and how to harness various tools and resources to enhance your work-life balance.
5 capacity planning tricks to avoid project management nightmares
Learn about capacity planning, the factors that impact it, and 5 capacity planning steps to avoid project management nightmares.
7 reasons your company needs to implement PSA software
Want to break free from a thousand applications for your project management? Here are 7 reasons your company should invest in PSA software.
Accelerate adoption with customer-centric onboarding
Learn more about the principles of customer-centric onboarding and gain insights into implementing a customer-focused onboarding strategy.
How to reduce time-to-value for your customers
Learn more about time-to-value and spot the signs of dissatisfaction in your customers. Discover 5 ideas to improve TTV for your customers.
Optimizing billable utilization for success (+3 other valuable metrics)
Learn how to measure, optimize, and improve your company’s billable utilization rate. Our comprehensive guide explains all the points.
5 key benefits of adopting PSA software for professional services firms
Considering getting a PSA software for your professional services firm? Here are 5 key benefits of PSA software for your business.
Crafting an effective billable utilization plan for your team
Discover how to create a successful billable utilization plan for your professional services business.
PSA vs. ERP software: Key differences, features, and benefits
Expore the difference between Professional Services Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning. Also learn their features and benefits
How to write an effective project mission statement
Explore what a project mission statement is. Also, learn its purpose, when to draft it, and how to draft it effectively. 
Champion Engagement Model: Best practices for identifying your customer champion
Learn how to spot your customer champion and discover some best practices on how to enhance your customer champion engagement.
Deep Dives
4 tips to ensure a smooth SMB implementation and onboarding
Learn effective strategies for SMB customer onboarding and implementation to ensure a seamless process. Get expert guidance now!
Best Practices
Strategies for maximizing billable utilization for your professional services firm
Learn more about billable utilization, the benchmark, and the strategies for maximizing billable utilization in professional services firms
How to maximize the ROI of PSA software: Benefits and key metrics
Stop contemplating whether or not to invest in a PSA tool. Here's a guide on maximizing the ROI of PSA, benefits, and key metrics to track.

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