Madhushree Menon

Content Marketer @ Rocketlane

Madhushree Menon is a content marketer at Rocketlane. She mainly focuses on SEO blogs, but also dabbles in other forms of content. A true Hufflepuff at heart, she loves to binge-watch anime, explore new cuisines, and learn new languages.

Accelerate adoption with customer-centric onboarding
Learn more about the principles of customer-centric onboarding and gain insights into implementing a customer-focused onboarding strategy.
How to reduce time-to-value for your customers
Learn more about time-to-value and spot the signs of dissatisfaction in your customers. Discover 5 ideas to improve TTV for your customers.
Optimizing billable utilization for success (+3 other valuable metrics)
Learn how to measure, optimize, and improve your company’s billable utilization rate. Our comprehensive guide explains all the points.
5 key benefits of adopting PSA software for professional services firms
Considering getting a PSA software for your professional services firm? Here are 5 key benefits of PSA software for your business.
Crafting an effective billable utilization plan for your team
Discover how to create a successful billable utilization plan for your professional services business.
PSA vs. ERP software: Key differences, features, and benefits
Expore the difference between Professional Services Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning. Also learn their features and benefits
How to write an effective project mission statement
Explore what a project mission statement is. Also, learn its purpose, when to draft it, and how to draft it effectively. 
Champion Engagement Model: Best practices for identifying your customer champion
Learn how to spot your customer champion and discover some best practices on how to enhance your customer champion engagement.
Deep Dives
4 tips to ensure a smooth SMB implementation and onboarding
Learn effective strategies for SMB customer onboarding and implementation to ensure a seamless process. Get expert guidance now!
Best Practices
Strategies for maximizing billable utilization for your professional services firm
Learn more about billable utilization, the benchmark, and the strategies for maximizing billable utilization in professional services firms
How to maximize the ROI of PSA software: Benefits and key metrics
Stop contemplating whether or not to invest in a PSA tool. Here's a guide on maximizing the ROI of PSA, benefits, and key metrics to track.

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