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June 15, 2022
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Executing projects along with your customers is not an easy job. Especially when you don’t have a system to track and measure performance every step of the way. Setbacks and delays are definitely a part of the game, but if you’re not aware of the root cause(s) behind your holdups, it might cost you several thousands of dollars.

So how do you go about learning those root causes?

Enter Rocketlane’s Operations Insights Reports.

What are Operations Insights Reports?

Rocketlane’s Operations Insights Reports help you uncover key insights from your projects so that your organization can make data-driven decisions to optimize overall performance. It helps you identify project bottlenecks and deliver implementations on time, leading to happier customers, better forecasting, and allocation of resources.

In a nutshell, these reports help you find answers to questions like:

  1. Are my projects starting and ending on time?
  2. How accurate are my time and budget estimates on a project, phase, and task level?
  3. Which implementation projects get delayed/completed on time most often?
  4. What are the bottlenecks causing these delays?
  5. Did I overestimate/underestimate the time taken to complete any phase/task(s)?

You essentially get to know what you’re doing well and what needs improvement across all your projects, phases, and tasks. The more projects you execute on Rocketlane, the more insights you uncover. You can then use these insights to proactively eliminate delays and keep the promises you made to your customers.

Be more consistent with your execution

Rocketlane helps you bring consistency into your onboarding and implementation projects with its versatile templating capabilities.

When you repeatedly deliver a particular type of project, you can create a project template with common phases and tasks set up so that you save time in the future. Once you have a template in place, you can track and measure all the projects under that template easily.

Essentially, every template will have multiple projects, each project further has multiple phases, and each phase will have several tasks under it. Operations Insights help you dig deeper and understand what’s causing problems/delays and use that data to discover ways for you to solve them on a granular level.

This kind of visibility will help improve your execution, deliver consistent results, and set you up for success.

How the reporting works

The Operations Insights Report is split into three tabs:

1. Overview Tab

Here you get a holistic picture of how your projects on Rocketlane are doing. This tab is further divided into templates, phases, and tasks.

In the Templates section, you get to see how projects created from a particular template are doing.

In the Phases section, you get to see how phases within projects are performing - phases completed on time, delayed phases, the average duration of each phase, and phase-wise CSAT ratings.

Similarly, in the Tasks section, you get to see how tasks within a template are performing.

Tasks completed on time - tasks that are delayed and blocked most frequently, the person responsible for each task, and planned vs. actual duration for each task.

2. By Template Tab

This section allows you to drill deeper into any particular template and see how projects within that template are performing. For instance, let’s say your business has three templates set up for implementation projects based on the customer business size: SMB, mid-market, and enterprise. The “By Template” section allows you to see how the projects, phases, and tasks within each of those templates are performing.

3. Tracked Vs Planned Tab

Under this tab, you get a high-level idea of how long it takes to complete tasks and entire projects that use a particular template.

When combined with Rocketlane’s time tracking capability, you also get to know where your team’s time is going, how much of it is billable, and the breakdown of the billable time according to category/phase.

The ultimate goal with Operations Insights is to provide smart suggestions based on past data to enable Rocketlane’s users to complete projects, phases, and tasks on time and to do so in the most efficient manner possible.

Rocketlane’s unified platform can help you manage customer projects end-to-end, track where all your time is going, manage team resources, measure progress, and rapidly increase your time-to-value.

Try Rocketlane today!

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Rahul Sridhar
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Content Marketer at Rocketlane. Former teacher turned tech writer. Occasionally dabbles in comedy and rap music.

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