Introducing 'Resource AI': Redefining resource allocation for the modern era

Rocketlane's Resource AI instantly assembles the perfect project team, while keeping your business goals in sight!
January 11, 2024
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Mukundh Krishna

It’s another day, and you are attempting what seems impossible, creating a perfect team for your project.  Juggling countless spreadsheets, balancing team workloads, and aligning skills with project needs, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

In the age where, with a simple 'Hey Alexa...' you could probably almost get everything done, delivery businesses are still awkwardly shuffling to an 80s mixtape.

We saw the struggle and knew this had to change. So we decided to bring in the big guns!

Meet Resource AI by Rocketlane

Gone are the days of navigating endless spreadsheets and relying on guesswork to assemble your team. Now, with just a single click, Resource AI makes creating the perfect team for any project effortless.It expertly sifts through countless possibilities, considering different skillsets and availability, to assemble an ideal team that's uniquely suited to your project's needs.

It’s your go-to for balancing the scales just right - optimizing for profitability, workload, and utilization, while aligning perfectly with your business goals.

Rocketlane’s Trifecta (Project & Process, People & Finance, Customer Experience & Accountability) brings together your projects, resources, and finances into one place, making all that magic possible! ;)

See Resource AI magic in action now!

Automate end-to-end resource allocation

Pre-define your allocation goals for specific project types with our templates, streamlining your process to achieve standardization and repeatability. This approach not only saves you from going through resource allocation woes project, after project but also significantly reduces the chances of over-allocation or resource wastage.

Choose what you want to optimize, we take care of the rest

Start by defining your goals. Are you looking to balance workloads or maximize profitability? Once set, Resource AI takes over from here. It aligns your goals with crucial factors you’d care about, such as utilization rates, workloads, time-offs, availabilities, regional requirements, skill sets, etc., curating that perfect team for you!

Watch the business impact of your decisions in real-time

Hate nasty surprises? We do too. Resource AI helps you see the immediate effect of your choices on workload and profitability, offering detailed breakdowns of potential earnings, costs, and profit margins. Not happy with the results? Easily filter through members based on their skills, region, individual margins, etc., and swap for the next fit! Resource AI swiftly readjusts utilization and forecasts new outcomes.

Want to get your hands on Resource AI? Well, thought so :) If you're already a customer, find this feature in your instance right away, log in here and check out this help article to get started.

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Varshitha A
Product Marketer @ Rocketlane
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