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One of our first in-person events, and the resounding support we received for them.
September 14, 2022
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Preflight took off and landed in the USA! 

When a story starts with 'after two years of…', you'd have guessed by now that we're talking about in-person events. We are beyond excited and thankful that they're back.

When we started the Preflight community, we wanted to create a space for onboarding, implementation, and CS professionals to come together and learn from each other. Two years down the lane, we are 2000+ members strong and have a presence in 15 cities through our city-based cohorts worldwide. 

Preflight Huddle San Francisco

We hosted our first in-person event in San Francisco. The SF cohort of Preflight and the larger community of leaders and practitioners in onboarding, implementation, and CS community joined in for an evening filled with insightful discussions and thought-provoking ideas. 

We kicked off our event with a talk by Dana Soza, the CEO of Dana Soza Consulting. In her speech on the topic "4 Strategies to Onboard End Users," Dana spoke about tried-and-tested methods to onboard end users in tech, low, mid, and high touch onboardings.

Next, we had Sabina M. Pons, who modered a panel of extraordinary leaders in the space to talk on the topic "Post-sales Data and Metrics." 

We will keep going back and referring to all the insights that the panel has let us in on from their experience and leadership in the space. We couldn't have asked for a better group of people to come together and help us kick things off! 

A BIG, warm thank you to all our speakers, Sabina M. Pons, Amanda Berger, ​Bianca Garcia, ​Mary Poppen, and Tanya Strauss, for making the Preflight Huddle San Francisco a resounding success. 

Preflight Huddle NYC

Our next stop, the land of Lady Liberty, New York City.

The New York cohort of Preflight is the newest addition to our city cohorts around the world. Since we just launched in NYC, we knew just the right person who'd be willing to help. Josh Schachter, Founder and CEO of!

Josh's help exemplifies the true spirit of community and its builders. Preflight Huddle NYC panel included CS and Onboarding leaders - Edward Chiu, Rachel Provan, Kristi Faltorusso, and Alan Ginsberg. It was our absolute pleasure to host such an incredible group of leaders.

Preflight Huddle Boston

We headed to Boston next. The Boston Huddle started with Jeff Kushmerek's presentation, "Why onboarding is hard." There were so many 'aha!' moments during the presentation; the audience listened intently and took notes. 

A panel with leaders, including  Monica Trivedi, Shari McGrath, Mark Holland, and Meg Lovell, was moderated by Dana Alvarenga. Dana and Jeff led the initiatives to bring these outstanding leaders together for Preflight. 

We thank you all for making it after the long weekend and supporting the community. Leaders like you are the cause for reassurance for community members to feel supported, build lasting professional relationships, and give back!

We are excited about the potential of upcoming Preflight events and uplifted by how the inaugural Preflight Huddles across the US have turned out! Here’s to enabling long-lasting connections and giving back to this incredible community. 

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Usha Kalva
Community & Partnerships @ Rocketlane

Usha is a Community Manager at Preflight. She's been an EIR, runs a successful restaurant, and is inclined toward the social sciences. In a parallel universe, she'd have been a wildlife photographer.

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