How Gamify slashed their implementation timelines from 6+ months to 30 days using Rocketlane


decrease in implementation timelines


increase in customer satisfaction


reduction in stress for the team



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting, Implementations


  • Inefficient communication and lack of progress monitoring, stretching implementation timelines to 6+ months
  • Clients often left uninformed and frustrated, with no real-time updates or centralized information hub
  • Leadership team faced challenges in strategic decision making due to limited visibility into project statuses


  • Implementation timelines reduced from 6+ months to 30 days, streamlining the process via centralized project information
  • Empowered leadership with end-to-end visibility, enabling proactive decisionmaking and improved customer sentiment tracking
  • Enhanced client engagement and satisfaction by offering customers transparent access to project progress

Gamify is known for its innovative gamification platform tailored for sales teams, while also serving as a data warehouse and analytics hub. The company was looking to rapidly expand its client base driven by its unique offerings.

The company had clear objectives:
  • Timely implementations: Adhering to SLAs by ensuring that clients are up and running within the specified days post-contract signing. This involved facilitating smooth and rapid implementation processes.
  • Customer happiness: Maintaining high customer satisfaction through active, open communication channels. Ensuring that clients are constantly aware of their implementation status and feel fully supported throughout the process.

However, Derek Jensen, the Implementation Director, faced behind-the-scenes challenges.

"Before Rocketlane, we didn't meet our KPIs... there was really no way for us to track implementations"

The Challenge

Marathon implementation times

Lacking essential monitoring capabilities, Gamify's only recourse for tracking their implementation progress was a constant back-and-forth with their engineering team. This inefficient communication reduced clarity for everyone involved in a project, consequently stretching their implementation timelines to over six months.

Processes lacking efficiency

The team's processes bogged down by manually piecing together implementation tasks, and communication lapses that spanned weeks—led to significant delays and internal frustration. Derek reflected on the pre-Rocketlane days, saying,

"Things were a lot slower and less organized than they are now.”

Clients left in the dark

Clients often found themselves in the dark due to poor communication, and a lack of a dedicated place they could go to for real-time status updates. The smaller team size further compounded these issues, resulting in periods where they received no contact for weeks, escalating their frustration and uncertainty.

Difficulty in scaling operations

Due to manual implementation tracking and heavy reliance on the engineering team for updates, communication became scattered across various channels like Slack, phone notes, and even written notes on desks. As the client base grew, it became evident that this approach was unsustainable, not only for team efficiency but also for the overall customer experience.

Leadership's blind spot

The C-suite deeply cared about customer feelings and project timelines, but the leadership team had limited visibility into the implementation process due to an over-reliance on rudimentary methods like spreadsheets. This lack of insight made strategic decision-making and resource allocation challenging.

The team at Gamify sought to not only offer clients a clear view into the progress of their implementations but also enhance their own organizational efficiency. They aimed to streamline task management, keep all essential information in a single, accessible location, and ensure that as their operations scaled, the complexity of implementations wouldn't become overwhelming for anyone involved.

"Between communication lapsing more than a few weeks, implementation timelines being more than a few months, that was basically the main detriment that we tried to solve when we looked for software"

The Solution

Accelerated implementation timelines

Rocketlane provided a platform for centralizing all project-related information, which helped streamline the process. Thanks to a combination of internal and communication changes, along with implementing Rocketlane, the team reduced implementation timelines from over six months to just 30 days.

Empowering leadership

With Rocketlane, Derek and his team now have all the crucial data readily available on one screen, a significant improvement over extracting data from Excel spreadsheets. These reports are super handy for keeping the C-suite proactively informed about project timelines and customer sentiments, clearly indicating what's on schedule, ahead, or lagging.

Client engagement and satisfaction

The team used to mainly update clients on implementation progress and outstanding tasks through emails and constant communication throughout the week. Introducing a customer dashboard was a game-changer, providing clients access to a portal where they could see exactly which tasks were pending and which had been completed.

Gamify's Rocketlane Playbook

From initiation to daily operations
The workflow began with an integration between HubSpot and Rocketlane, streamlining the initiation of new projects. Derek explained, "Each project is meticulously templated, ensuring accuracy and efficiency right from the start."

Centralizing communication
All meeting notes and updates found a home in Rocketlane, creating a single source of truth for the entire team and ensuring that everyone was on the same page.

Team's command center
From a fragmented approach of makeshift Slack task lists and continuous note exchanges for sharing context, Rocketlane is now the team's central hub for handling implementation tasks and updates.