How Mixmax moved from Salesforce to Rocketlane to supercharge their implementations

How Mixmax moved from Salesforce to Rocketlane to supercharge their implementations

Mixmax needed a dedicated tool that could replace Salesforce for their implementation projects - a tool that could also allow their customers to collaborate with their team.

Pain Points

- No dedicated tool to manage customer projects

- Low visibility for customers

- Tedious project setup process

Improved customer accountability and engagement

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform designed to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and improve productivity for sales teams. They provide tools such as workflow automation, scheduling, templates and email tracking, to help sales professionals effectively engage with prospects and customers.

Mixmax needed a solution that could:
  • Replace Salesforce for their implementation projects
  • Speed up their setup and project creation time
  • Offer transparency to their customers
The Challenge

Elliott Kohtz has a substantial background in leading Customer Success teams within the B2B SaaS industry for almost a decade. In his current position as the VP of Customer Success at Mixmax, he’s responsible for onboarding, upselling, and ensuring customer retention and renewal.

Salesforce not ideal for implementations

When asked about their onboarding challenges, Elliot said, “before implementing Rocketlane, we relied on Salesforce for our implementation processes. However, Salesforce proved to be clunky, and our CSMs did not enjoy using it. Moreover, it was not a platform we wanted to present to our customers. We were in dire need of a solution that would be both loved by our internal teams and offer a professional and intuitive interface for our customers.”

Tedious project creation process

Project creation and setup process was another area of concern. It proved to be time-consuming for Mixmax’s implementation team. It was a manual process that couldn't be automated, often resulting in inefficiencies and delays.

Lack of transparency with customers

Another challenge was the lack of visibility for customers. They had no means to track and monitor the status of their onboarding projects, leading to a lack of transparency and effective communication with the Mixmax team. Additionally, Salesforce didn't provide them with the necessary reporting capabilities. This hindered their team’s ability to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. These challenges highlighted the need for a more streamlined and customer-centric solution to enhance the onboarding experience at Mixmax.

“Rocketlane emerged as the ideal platform to address all these challenges at once,” said Elliot.

The Solution

We interviewed Elliot to understand the ways Rocketlane has helped their team streamline onboarding at Mixmax. And this is what he had to say:

“The three key aspects of Rocketlane that have significantly improved our workflow:

  1. Auto generation of projects: Rocketlane's ability to automatically generate projects based on closed won data in Salesforce has streamlined our processes. This automation has made it effortless to initiate and track projects efficiently.
  2. Customer-facing portal: The customer-facing portal in Rocketlane is invaluable. It allows us to easily share our onboarding plans and timelines with our customers, ensuring transparency and effective communication.
  3. Reporting capabilities: Rocketlane's reporting features have been highly beneficial for us. We particularly appreciate the ability to view aggregated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, enabling us to gauge our performance and make informed improvements.”

Value to the organization

“We have observed substantial improvements in the following aspects:

Enhanced accountability: Rocketlane has improved internal team accountability, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly and accurately.

Increased customer interactions: The customer-facing portal has facilitated more meaningful interactions with our customers, enabling smoother onboarding experiences and better communication throughout the process.”

Implementing Rocketlane at Mixmax has revolutionized our implementation and onboarding processes. We have transitioned from a clunky and disliked system to a sleek platform that our internal teams love working with, while also providing transparency and an intuitive experience for our customers.
Elliott Kohtz

VP, Customer Success - Mixmax

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