How uses Rocketlane to achieve zero go-live delays


go-live delays



Use case

Customer visibility, Onboarding, Resource Management, Time-tracking


  • Lack of realtime visibility into project status with Jira and Google Sheets, led to missed deadlines and escalations
  • Difficulty in managing team resources and assignments without a dedicated tool, affecting project efficiency
  • No system for recording billable hours, complicating billing and transparency with clients


  • Complete project visibility in Rocketlane improved control over execution and task assignments, reducing escalations
  • Resource Management feature streamlined team assignments and utilization, enhancing project execution
  • Integrated timesheet logging and CSAT surveys led transparent billing, continuous process improvement and lower churn rates

Verloop needed a solution that could:

  • Help them track all their customer projects centrally
  • Manage their team resources across projects
  • Capture timesheets that they can share with clients for billing purposes

The Challenge

  • Before Rocketlane, had a difficult time managing customer projects. They used a combination of Jira and Google Sheets to track their projects, but these tools couldn’t give them on-demand visibility into the status of each project.
  •’s customers had no visibility into the progress of their onboarding/implementation projects. Project phases would often miss deadlines. As a result, customer escalations were common.
  • Managing team resources for projects was difficult. It was challenging to assign the right team members for each project and ensure proper utilization  without a dedicated tool in place.
  • Timesheets were another issue. Clients needed timesheets for billing purposes, but Verloop didn't have a system in place for recording billable hours spent by the onboarding/implementation team on client projects.

The Solution

"I have worked with a lot of different project tools. But I’ve never seen anything like Rocketlane. I didn't even know something like this existed that allows you to collaborate with customers so seamlessly. Beautiful UI and I think this is, by far, one of the best project management tools in the market."

Sumitoj Singh Manager - Solution Delivery, Verloop

  • With Rocketlane, has complete visibility into the status of every customer project. They can track the progress of execution,  and see who’s assigned to different tasks  This information enables them to have more control over the process.
  • Their customers, too, are in the know at all times since they now track their projects using Rocketlane’s dedicated Customer Portal.
  • Resource Management on Rocketlane is helping assign team members to projects with ease. The visibility into each individual’s bandwidth and allocation is helping them plan for their upcoming projects with confidence.
  • Team members can now log their timesheets on Rocketlane. This lets them show clients where and how their team spent its time, and enables transparent billing.
  • also collects customers' satisfaction scores at the end of each phase, thanks to Rocketlane's in-built CSAT survey functionality. This is helping them improve their overall implementation process.
  • After switching to Rocketlane, their implementation process has become more consistent and organized As a result, their churn rate has reduced significantly.