Rocketlane is the Leader in Client Onboarding on G2… again!

Easiest Setup, Best Usability, Fastest Implementation, Best Relationship, Best ROI… We rank #1 with the highest ratings across indexes, apart from continuing to remain the category leader on G2!

Why onboarding projects are better on Rocketlane

Customer projects can become a tangled mess when you use a patchwork of generic tools. Rocketlane is purpose-built for customer onboarding teams and brings together project planning, customer communication, and document collaboration into one unified space.

Bring all project activity into one space

Keeping up with project updates across email threads, Slack channels, spreadsheets, and Google Drive can become really messy.

Rocketlane lets you see all your projects, continue conversations, manage tasks, send out status updates, and even collaborate with your customers on documents - all from one place.

Deliver a consistent experience to every customer

You don’t need to start from scratch for every single project.

With Rocketlane, you can set up project templates with standardized structures like project phases, tasks, onboarding checklists, timelines, dependencies, and even boilerplate documents!

You can even combine two templates and create a new, more powerful template within seconds.

Hold your customers accountable

Onboarding projects often get blocked on a task or information your customer was supposed to share with you.

Rocketlane creates a customer portal so that your customers can see which tasks are overdue and what is blocking their progress.

That way nobody ever drops the ball and the project keeps moving forward.

Provide crystal clear visibility across teams

With the Rocketlane dashboard, your leadership team can get a birds-eye view of all ongoing projects, the phases involved, the progress so far, and more.

Plus, with built-in CSAT, you can gather customer feedback regularly so your team knows how happy customers are with their onboarding journey.

Get insights that help you improve

Onboarding presents a great opportunity to delight your customers and start a long-lasting relationship.

To help you consistently improve, Rocketlane gives you insightful reports on project performance, team performance, and customer satisfaction.

10% increase in average customer satisfaction ratings

The biggest difference with Rocketlane is the ability to update templates, which has vastly improved our process. We have reduced the average project duration by 20%

Carly Mawer

Implementation Team Manager

50k hours saved annually on a global scale

Our clients get real time information, and we love the ability to internally collaborate on Rocketlane. The intuitive dashboards and the insights we derive from Rocketlane are a couple of things that I absolutely love about the product.

Shekar Murthy

Shekar Murthy

15% reduction in time to go-live

Rocketlane helps us deliver more for less, taking us from just task management to strategic delivery with greater visibility and collaboration on project activities, ultimately driving up CSAT.

Shehzad Karkhanawala

VP - Global Marketing

Rocketlane is a leader in Task Management on G2
Rocketlane is a leader in Client Onboarding on G2
Rocketlane is a leader in Project Collaboration on G2

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