Introducing Rocketlane Academy: Elevate your success in project delivery

Rocketlane Academy is crafted to help navigate your self-learning journey with Rocketlane, with ease and confidence.
January 18, 2024
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Atteq Ur Rahman

Embarking on your onboarding journey often begins on a positive note – guided by an onboarding specialist who trains you on the product, is hands-on with your setup, who delves into intricacies, ensuring a tailored setup that aligns with your business needs. Everything seems smooth until...

  1. Your team scales, and you need them to be on the same page with the tools you've chosen.
  2. You decide to get hands-on with the product, but time is of the essence.
  3. You opt for a self-learning journey.

Only to find yourself gazing at the mountain of information before you, anxiety setting in. The fear of investing time in learning the wrong concepts, starting at the wrong place, struggling to apply newfound knowledge to practice, and the overarching fear of stumbling in the seamless adoption of a new product becomes palpable. The challenge is real, and you're not alone in this struggle.

At Rocketlane, we understand the challenge. Which is why we created Rocketlane Academy—your solution for navigating your self-learning journey with Rocketlane, with ease and confidence. 

Why Rocketlane Academy?

We're not just a platform; we're partners in your success, understanding your journey because we've walked it too. For every member of your team who embraces Rocketlane, our roots grow deeper. It’s an initiative born from the very challenges you face.


So, curious about what Rocketlane Academy can do for you?

1. You can take advantage of the carefully curated learning paths

The Academy has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that you and your team stay focused on your learning objectives and understand how to set up the product. Just like an index to a textbook, the Academy provides a clear path that builds on each concept, moving you closer to mastering the subject matter. For instance, when creating a project, you need a plan that can be adapted to meet dynamic requirements. The Academy teaches you how to use project templates, set up custom project fields, integrate your CRM, and manage your team, all while keeping your client's needs in mind. By following this structured approach, you can confidently master the product and achieve your learning goals.

2. Learn on your terms, your time, and your tempo!

We recognize that life has its own rhythm. Suppose you've carved out a couple of hours a day in your calendar for Rocketlane setup and sanity. In that case, the Academy allows you to segment your learning journey accordingly. No need to depend on others' availability—plan your time, learn at your own pace, and test the product to your satisfaction. And just in case life gets busy and you forget to jump back in, we've got your back with gentle nudges to bring you up to speed.

3. Effortlessly track your team’s progress and drive adoption

Scaling your team shouldn't mean losing time familiarizing them with your tech stack. Rocketlane simplifies this process by neatly segmenting users based on their personas. Whether you're an admin, a user, or a project owner, we've crafted courses tailored to benefit you. On top of that, supervisors can seamlessly track your team's progress from within the Academy securely and drive the adoption of the product you've invested in.

4. Get certified and skill up

Rocketlane Academy ensures that, as you progress along your learning journey, you earn certifications that showcase your milestones and unlock your prowess in valuable skills. We're here to encourage you and your extended team to push boundaries, implement best practices and proudly get certified with Rocketlane Academy. Trust us, those certifications aren't just credentials—they're a valuable (and cute looking) addition to your skill arsenal!

Master Rocketlane and get certified!

And here is why it is important to you!

You get to ensure your investment in Rocketlane is worth every penny

Switching platforms can be uncomfortable, and comes with the pain of poor adoption rates. This is a double-edged sword - the product stands to lose a customer who hasn't fully explored its capabilities. And for you, the customer, It's a waste of both investment and time—a missed opportunity to adopt a product perfectly aligned with your needs.

The cycle of evaluation, negotiation, and purchase can be exhausting. However, with Rocketlane Academy, the story changes for your post-sale teams. Beyond onboarding, it becomes a centralized learning hub. Whether you're a seasoned user or a beginner on the team, you can learn and understand the product at your own pace and on your terms. This isn't just about learning;

It's about securing your investment so that you can confidently say, "I'm really glad we invested in this product."

Keep your finger on the pulse: Embrace new features with ease!

At Rocketlane, we meticulously build and roll out numerous new features every other week. As an existing customer, staying updated is key, especially when your needs vary—some you're aware of, and some might be latent, waiting to be uncovered. This is where the Academy steps in.

Count on us to keep you in the loop with product enhancements turned to learning paths thoughtfully curated to simplify your understanding. Enabling you to dive into new features and connect them to your specific use-cases using best practices and industry-specific examples. Making it easy for you to customize and adapt these enhancements to your business needs seamlessly.

Empower your team: Foster ownership and accountability!

When teams fall short on tasks due to unfamiliarity with the platform, the situation is salvageable. Here your aim is to drive ownership and accountability within your team for which curating an achievable learning target is key. Understanding this need, the Academy takes care of designing a learning curve that enables your team to quickly grasp the platform, initiate implementation, and only ascend from there. 

Master the ropes: Make Rocketlane yours!

Rocketlane, crafted for customization, flexes to seamlessly merge with your unique business needs. The critical point? Learning how to make it happen. This is where Rocketlane Academy steps in.

With all the necessary modules like templates, custom fields, integrations, team members at your fingertips, the Academy empowers you to learn and adapt at your own pace.

The end goal?

To evolve you into a confident user capable of setting up Rocketlane as an integral part of your business world. Once you tailor your project delivery platform with Rocketlane, there's no turning back.


Because our stellar product team is poised to absorb your feedback, our expert support team is at your beck and call for any issues, and our attentive customer success team acts as a seamless extension of your own, committed to driving adoption and ensuring you make the absolute best of Rocketlane.

It's not just a product; it's a personalized experience waiting for you to shape it into an indispensable part of your business journey. 

Dive into Rocketlane Academy, learn the ropes, and watch your personalized success story unfold with us!


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Monica Madan
Customer enablement @Rocketlane
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