3 years and a Series B later: Rocketlane's journey and the road ahead

We bagged $24M in Series B funding round, marking a significant milestone in our journey.
June 25, 2024
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Atteq Ur Rahman

Three years ago, we launched Rocketlane.

We were slightly nervous—we’d built a lot of capabilities, and instead of going the usual MVP route, we'd taken a year to launch.

But we were confident that we’d figure it out as a team. Thanks to the invaluable feedback we received from our community of founders and operators, we launched our vision nine months before our official debut.

Now, in June 2024, I am proud to say that not only did we find quick success with Rocketlane, but we’ve also continued to grow at a rapid pace. We’ve consistently grown over 3x each year following our Series A in January 2022.

With over 500 logos to our name, we are thrilled to announce our Series B funding of $24 million, despite still having $11 million in the bank from the previous $18 million we raised! And in true Rocketlane style, we rapped about it! Watch the video here:

What’s led to this growth?

If I had to sum it up, it is, of course, our passionate team.

But it all starts with a disruptive product in a space that was desperately in need of better software.

“Never have I seen more pain in any other space” is the most common feedback we've received from our sales and BDR teams. Rocketlane has successfully alleviated that pain with our uniquely all-in-one PSA (Professional Services Automation) and client project delivery software. Our innovations in collaboration, risk and governance management, partner management, and client delivery experience have set us apart.

We’ve also benefited from some favorable trends. Our modern, easy-to-deploy software is gaining traction as more consulting firms, agencies, IT services, and embedded professional services teams in software companies recognize the value of purpose-built software for client project delivery and PSA. Over the last 12 months, Rocketlane has emerged as the clear modern leader in the space, thanks to our pace of innovation and the unique experiences we’ve created.

Where do we go next?

With our new capital, we’re focusing on several key areas to continue our growth trajectory:

Expanding our offering

Rocketlane has unique breadth already, but we have plans to go wider and deeper - automating more workflows upstream and downstream to where we currently operate, and launch additional product offerings.

Enhancing the UX of service delivery

We’re committed to improving how our customers’ clients experience service delivery, making it seamless, impactful, and delightful. Rocketlane will be the ‘front end’ of your delivery, and I’m excited about the unique capabilities we are building in this space. Personally, I’m excited about the dynamic, one-of-its-kind client portal we will be launching soon!

AI in project delivery, governance, and operations

We’re integrating advanced AI capabilities to revolutionize project delivery, governance, and operations with copilot experiences, automations, forecasting, insights, and recommendations.

If you are keen to take a peek at our AI launches and the upcoming 2.0 version of our customer portal, please reach out to our team. We’d be happy to show you around – this is all not vaporware!

Expanding our team

As we grow our customers and increase the surface area of our product, we're looking for talented individuals and leaders to join our team, so we can achieve more together. We recently brought in Brett Jarvis as the VP of CS and CX, and Rao Adavikolanu as the CMO to that end.

We have open positions across functions. You can check for open roles here.

Doubling down on community

The Rocketlane community has been a cornerstone of our success.
We’re committed to fostering and expanding this community, providing more opportunities for engagement, learning, and collaboration. This includes hosting more events, creating valuable content, and building stronger relationships with our members.
We are incredibly grateful to our amazing customers, partners, and investors for the opportunity to serve this space and continue innovating at breakneck speed.

Get on the Rocketlane ride with us and be part of this exciting journey!

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Srikrishnan Ganesan
Co-founder, Rocketlane

Love technology and start-ups. Your friendly neighbourhood CX and onboarding enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @srikrishnang

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