How EngagedMD is using Rocketlane to achieve faster go-live times



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting, Onboarding, Time-tracking


  • Manual data entry due to lack of Salesforce integration with Trello
  • No system in place to accurately measure project duration and gauge client health
  • Difficulty separating internal and customerfacing tasks


  • Enhanced project visibility and client collaboration, leading to faster golive times
  • Rocketlane's native salesforce integration streamlined data flow, reducing manual work
  • Time tracking capabilities enabled them to commit to reliable project timelines

EngagedMD is a healthcare startup based out of Washington DC, USA. They help patients and healthcare providers by modernizing patient education and informed consent through their platform.

EngagedMD needed a solution that could:

  • Help reduce the time taken to onboard new clients.
  • Help set clear ownership of projects and tasks and hold everyone involved accountable.
  • Facilitate easy communication and collaboration with their customers.

The Challenge

  • Before Rocketlane, EngagedMD was using Trello boards to run their implementation projects. For starters, Trello couldn’t allow client data to flow in and out of Salesforce, and they had to take care of this manually.  
  • Measuring project duration was another challenge. Not knowing how long each task/phase took to complete meant that they couldn’t determine project completion timelines accurately.
  • Trello also fell short when it came to separating internal and customer collaboration. Things like having contextual conversations, setting project/task owners on both sides, and holding people accountable were quite challenging for them.
  • They couldn’t gauge client health at every stage of the project. Healthcare implementations can get quite messy and chaotic with third-party vendors involved, so it was important for them to know their customers’ sentiments at every step of the way.

The Solution

"Rocketlane is our single source of truth, and it helps us track every aspect of our projects efficiently. We’ve eliminated the need for manual audits since the information we get from Rocketlane is very reliable and accurate. We’re very happy to have discovered Rocketlane. As our implementations grow in complexity and as we add more products and verticals, Rocketlane is going to play a crucial role in our growth."

Chris DiAntonio - Revenue Operations Manager, EngagedMD

  • Rocketlane solved most of EngagedMD’s onboarding woes. The Salesforce integration automated information flow between Rocketlane and the EngagedMD platform with ease.
  • With Rocketlane’s time tracking capabilities, EngagedMD were able to commit to more reliable timelines because they knew how long each task/phase of their project takes.
  • Rocketlane’s Projects screen helps them keep track of all their onboarding projects in one place, giving them the visibility they lacked with Trello.
  • Private and shared views enabled them to easily separate what’s internal and what’s meant for their clients.
  • Assigning tasks to people, setting deadlines, keeping documents neatly organized, and monitoring progress on Rocketlane enabled effortless collaboration with customers.
  • By running CSAT surveys at the end of every project phase, EngagedMD was always on top of customer sentiment. They knew their customers’ health at every stage of the project and could step in immediately if there was any issue raised.