How Rocketlane is helping GoCardless accelerate time-to-value for their customers by 20%


increase in time-to-value


Professional Services

Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Onboarding, Time-tracking


  • Customers lacked visibility into project progress, affecting CSAT ratings
  • Inability to measure team productivity accurately hindered performance optimization
  • Productivity compromised by using multiple tools for collaboration and project management


  • Interval IQ enabled benchmarking and finetuning of the onboarding process, resulting in a ~20% improvement in time-to-value
  • Rocketlane's customer portal provides complete project visibility, improving customer satisfaction
  • Time tracking feature simplifies productivity measurement, enhancing team efficiency

GoCardless is a global leader in direct bank payment solutions headquartered in the UK. Each year GoCardless processes over US$30 billion of payments across 30+ countries.

GoCardless needed a solution that could:

  • Give complete visibility into project progress to customers
  • Accurately track productivity of their implementation team
  • Accelerate their customers’ go-live journey

The Challenge

  • With no project-related information readily available, GoCardless’ customers found it difficult to get visibility into project progress.
  • The lack of a reporting feature to accurately measure team productivity was another major pain point for GoCardless.
  • Having to switch between multiple tools for customer collaboration, communication, and management of implementation projects affected productivity and resulted in longer implementations.

The Solution

When I look at the number of accounts an implementation manager could easily manage pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane, we can see a really massive improvement there. But also in terms of how quickly we are able to deliver value to our customers and in terms of the metrics we track, in a short space of just two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux - Director, Professional Services

  • With Rocketlane’s customer portal, customers of GoCardless now have complete visibility into the progress of their implementation projects.
  • Rocketlane’s time tracking feature has made the implementation manager’s life a lot easier at GoCardless. They are able to fill out and maintain timesheets more effortlessly now.
  • The native reports on Rocketlane such as Team Performance, Project Performance, and Operations Insights have helped GoCardless benchmark and fine-tune the onboarding process. This has helped GoCardless bring down project duration and realize faster go-live times for their customers.