How Jirav is using Rocketlane to onboard new customers 50% faster


increase in time-to-value


faster onboarding



Use case

Customer Visibility, Onboarding, Time-tracking


  • Manual data entry and lack of project duration measurement.
  • Difficulty using HubSpot for prioject visibility and Asana for private information control.
  • Customers overwhelmed by having to learn Asana alongside Jirav for onboarding.


  • ~20% improvement in time-to-value with structured onboarding processes.
  • Enhanced project visibility for all stakeholders, ensuring faster and more consistent project completions.
  • Accurate time tracking for tasks and phases, leading to reliable customer timelines.

Jirav is a Seattle-based all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution that helps businesses accurately forecast bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses, and cash flow.

Jirav needed a solution that could:
  • Facilitate a transparent implementation process for their customers
  • Track time spent on every phase of the project and improve overall efficiency
  • Increase time-to-value and hold customers accountable during onboarding

The Challenge

  • The Professional Services team at Jirav didn’t have visibility into the progress of phases and tasks across onboarding projects. Since they were using HubSpot to manage their implementations, accessing any project-related information proved cumbersome.
  • Jirav then migrated to Asana to handle their onboarding projects. While Asana helped them manage their tasks and project plans better than HubSpot, it lacked the functionality to keep certain project-related information private. Plus since their customers were made to learn a new tool, i.e Asana, on top of Jirav, the onboarding process became overwhelming to them.
  • Lack of timeline visibility was another area of concern. Jirav struggled to accurately determine how long it took their team to complete any onboarding project.

The Solution

Rocketlane is our single source of truth, and it helps us track every aspect of our projects efficiently. We’ve eliminated the need for manual audits since the information we get from Rocketlane is very reliable and accurate. We’re very happy to have discovered Rocketlane. As our implementations grow in complexity and as we add more products and verticals, Rocketlane is going to play a crucial role in our growth.

  • With Rocketlane, Jirav is able to bring structure and consistency to their customer onboarding process. Project Templates on Rocketlane help Jirav set up project plans with all the phases and tasks involved well in advance. This means new projects can be created faster based on the type of customer making the purchase. This saves them several hours on every new project and helps them create a repeatable, consistent process.
  • Every project stakeholder at Jirav can now see what tasks they are assigned to, the project status, and what the exact timelines are. This level of visibility has enabled their team to close projects faster with more consistent results.  
  • With Rocketlane’s Private and Shared Spaces, Jirav is able to control what their internal team can see, and what their customers can see.
  • Automatic status updates sent week on week enable their customers to stay on top of tasks assigned to them without the need for manual follow ups from Jirav’s team.|
  • With Rocketlane’s time tracking capabilities, Jirav is now able to accurately track time taken to complete every task/phase of the project. This helps them promise more accurate timelines to their customers, and ensure timely completion of implementation projects.