How Rocketlane helps Trovata radically transform their client onboarding process

How Rocketlane helps Trovata radically transform their client onboarding process

Trovata needed a tool to track and manage all their implementation projects in one central place and manage their team resources more efficiently.

Pain Points

- Lack of visibility into at-risk projects

- No system to monitor customer health

- Hard time managing team resources

50+ hours saved every month in project set up time and team meetings

Trovata is a cash management platform based out of San Diego, California, that lets companies instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage cash flow with precision.

Trovata needed a solution that could:

  • Help them manage and track all their client onboarding projects in one central place
  • Guarantee a successful and repeatable process to onboard new clients
  • Enable them to manage their team resources and forecast their hiring needs

The Challenge

Before Rocketlane, Trovata was using excel sheets and Salesforce to manage their onboarding projects. It was difficult for the team to determine which projects were delayed or ahead of schedule, and what needed their attention the most.

Trovata didn’t have a system in place to get client feedback, understand how they could be serving them better, or monitor the health of their client onboarding projects.

Gathering information from their clients, managing and accessing it was  challenging with their old workflow.

Trovata found it hard to figure out how many projects an individual specialist can handle at any given time, how many more specialists they needed to hire as a result, and how they should go about scaling the organization.

The Solution

With Rocketlane, everyone on Trovata’s team can now see the status of all ongoing  projects in one quick glance. Tracking the progress of projects visually on a dashboard enabled them to drill down and figure out where the roadblocks/delays were.

Having comprehensive visibility into the project status helped reduce the number of  meetings with their CSR representatives. Trovata’s leadership team is able to skim through the entire project portfolio and step in only when needed.

With Rocketlane’s Salesforce integration, every time a new deal is closed a project is created automatically. This helps Trovata save countless hours in setting up new projects.

With Rocketlane, we’re more organized and have a better sense of how to approach onboarding projects. We’re able to fix problems faster and significantly shorten the overall time taken to onboard new customers.
Tracey Knight

VP Client Success, Trovata

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