How parcelLab uses Rocketlane to drive customer engagement and achieve a 10% increase in CSAT ratings


increase in CSAT ratings



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Onboarding


  • Lack of effective collaboration with customers on implementation projects
  • Onboarding workflow plagued by inefficiencies and repetitive manual tasks
  • Poor customer experience during onboarding, leading to project delays and dissatisfaction


  • 10% increase in customer satisfaction ratings due to enhanced transparency and faster project delivery
  • Eliminated operational inefficiencies by adopting reusable project plan templates
  • Improved customer experience through features like magic links for portal access, presentation mode for project walkthroughs

parcelLab needed a solution that could:

  • Enable greater engagement/collaboration with customers on implementation projects
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies in the onboarding workflow
  • Improve customer experience through the onboarding process

The Challenge

  • The implementations team at parcelLab typically handles over 50 projects at any given time. Every project involved repetitive manual tasks. Since they are in a hyper growth phase, this posed a scalability challenge.
  • Customers did not have information about what needed to be done at their end for a project to move forward. This led to projects missing deadlines without any means to understand the root cause of the delays.
  • The parcelLab implementation team and their customers needed to work closely together on project plans. But the generic tools used to manage implementation projects failed to enable collaboration with customers.

The Solution

"Our recent customer feedback has shown that our customers appreciate the transparency we can provide them through Rocketlane. Customers now know what to do, they’re better engaged, and we see far fewer queries and questions from them on the status of their projects."

  • With better transparency and visibility for customers, Rocketlane enabled the parcelLab team to deliver projects faster. Their customers could go live sooner and realise value from the parcelLab platform a lot faster.
  • With the ability to create reusable templates for project plans, the parcelLab team were able to eliminate repetitive, manual tasks from the onboarding workflow. They could now focus solely on delivering a delightful onboarding experience to customers.
  • Powerful features such as the magic link to access the dedicated customer portal, drag-and-drop status updates, and presentation mode for project walkthroughs, vastly improved the onboarding experience for parcelLab customers.